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Who is Willie Lee Langston ( Suspect charged with murder after body found in Goldsboro ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Crime, Incident details, Investigations and More Facts

Willie Lee Langston, 29, of La Grange, was charged with murder during the investigation.

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suspect was in custody after a dismembered body was found in a man’s driveway.

Willie Lee Langston, 29, of La Grange, was charged with murder during the investigation.

Goldsboro Police Chief Mike West on Thursday said the body was that of a white woman, probably in her 30s. Little has been published about the find.

West told WRAL News that investigators were “almost certain” to have identified the woman. They were waiting for DNA confirmation.

Goldsboro Police said Langston arrived at the police station after police collected his car in Mount Olive on Friday.

Langston is being held in the Wayne County Detention Center, untitled.

Police said other suspects could be charged.

A Wayne County man called an ambulance Monday morning to report the gruesome scene in his driveway.

“I just walked past my house. There appears to be a decomposing body in my driveway,” Rodney Daniels told the carriers. He said the person was beheaded and many other body parts were missing.

“No one should see it,” Daniels said of his discovery.

According to Daniels, investigators searched his home in the 300 block of Bright Street near downtown Goldsboro and his car and spent about eight hours taking photos and gathering evidence.

Police investigated the neighborhood on Thursday to assure residents the murder had not happened there.

“This neighborhood has not been targeted,” West said. “It was a random act. It’s a shame the body was placed in this neighborhood.”

Daniels says Bright Street is a popular passage for drivers and walkers due to a grocery store down the block.

The National Bureau of Investigations joined the case on Thursday.


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