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Who is Wesley Charles Martines ( California man found with Cop Killer bullets ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Crime, Incident details, Investigations and More Facts

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A Californian was found last week with more guns, drugs and homemade bombs, bullets marked “Cop Killer” and a poster saying he wanted to “finish” blacks, Hispanics and people. Jews

Wesley Charles Martines, 32, of Los Gatos, was found by Campbell police on July 9 as he was running away from a shop when he was arrested. He was sentenced to a $ 300,000 bail on Tuesday, the Santa Clara district attorney said.

A businessman called the police around midnight after he saw a man in the security video walking along East Sunny Oaks Avenue looking at cars and a warehouse. When the agents arrived, they arrested Martines driving a truck.

Inside the vehicle, they found a 9mm Glock. Prosecutors said a handgun and two AR rifles, which are illegal in California. Authorities also announced ammunition labeled “Police Killer”, “A Good Beginning” and “For the Grim Reaper’s Widow”.

Martines also reportedly had bulletproof vests, heroin, methamphetamine, and a homemade bomb full of buckshot, but no explosive material inside.

A newspaper he supposedly owned contained racist and anti-Semitic literature and warned of plans to go to a sporting goods store, dress up like an employee, and tie everyone up inside.

The bomb squad from the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office assisted the authorities. Campbell police got a court order to confiscate the weapons.


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