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Wade Anton

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A Texas man who was on vacation in the Florida Panhandle this week was charged with hate crimes after allegedly physically assaulting an Asian family and using racist language, the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office (OCSO) said Friday. ).

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According to the sheriff’s office, witnesses said 54-year-old tourist Wade Anton told an Asian woman and her children to “go back to where they came from” and during a verbal discussion that took place in Beasley Park on Thursday. afternoon, a racist slur uttered on Okaloosa Island. A press release posted on the sheriff’s official Facebook page claims that Anton has been charged with a “hate crime”.

Anton reportedly told sheriff’s reps that the argument started because the woman’s children had stroked her dog. According to this story, Anton said he told the children to leave their dogs with them, but they ignored him. Then things got out of hand.

The woman’s husband informed the sheriff’s office that Anton was about seven meters from his family when the verbal discussion began, but Anton “ran around the railing in the park and started hitting [husband] many times.”

The woman’s husband also told MPs that when Anton approached him, he “pulled out a gun to protect himself”.

The witnesses then separated the two men without seriously injuring anyone.

Okaloosa Corrections told ABC News local partner WEAR-TV that Anton had been arrested and held on $ 10,000 bail pending a preliminary hearing by a judge. Prison records show Anton was released at 3:50 pm. Friday.