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Who is Veondre Avery ( Father arrested after son, 2, found his gun and shot mother ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Crime, Incident details, Investigations and More Facts

Veondre Avery

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Police arrested the father of a two-year-old who found his gun in a Paw Patrol backpack and accidentally shot his mother during a work-related Zoom call.

Veondre Avery, 22, is on trial in connection with the August 11 murder of Shamaya Lynn, 21, at the couple’s home in Alamante Springs, Florida, according to Brevard District Attorneys. Seminole.

He was arrested by police in central Florida on Tuesday, Altamonte Springs police said. His arrest comes two months after his girlfriend’s death.

Shamaya was on a Zoom call to work when the kid found the gun Avery owned and it was loaded and not secured in the boy’s backpack. From her son, he took the gun without her knowing it, got behind her and fired a single shot that hit her in the back of the head.

A woman who was on Zoom’s business call from Shamaya dialed 911 and told the receptionist that she heard a noise and saw Shamaya fall. The colleague did not know her age or where she lived.

At the same time, Avery called 911 and asked first responders to help him.

“I literally went home and walked into the room … (and) my friend who was working on the computer relaxed and there was blood everywhere,” she said during the 911 call.

She told the operator that she wasn’t breathing and that she couldn’t hear her heartbeat. When first responders arrived at her home, she was pronounced dead.

Another boy was at home during the shooting, authorities said.

Avery was charged with manslaughter and unsafe custody of a firearm. In the state of Florida, murder, a second-degree offense, is punishable by 15 years in prison, 15 years of probation and a $ 10,000 fine.

He is being held without bail.