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Who was Trevor Pelling ( Father, 45, Dies while saving his daughters ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Investigations and More Facts

'Trevor Pelling' tried to help his two daughters, 12 and 9, as they struggled with the strong current on Calada Beach in Encarnacao,

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A British “hero” father died trying to save his two daughters from a Portuguese beach after fighting at sea.

Financial advisor Trevor Pelling, 45, tried to help his two daughters, 12 and 9, as they struggled with the strong current on Calada Beach in Encarnacao, about an hour’s drive northwest of Lisbon.

He had already suffered cardiac arrest when surfers pulled him out of the ocean shortly after 2pm on Thursday.

Locals and a beach nurse spent nearly an hour rescuing him before he was pronounced dead.

Pelling was first described as a Dubai-born citizen traveling on a British passport.

This morning he was appointed to Portugal as a British financial specialist named Trevor Pelling, who was on vacation with his family and currently lives in the Middle East for professional reasons.

Victim Profession

Mr. Pelling describes himself on LinkedIn as a regional manager based in Abu Dhabi at deVere Acuma, one of the world’s leading independent financial consulting firms.

The British tourist tried to help his two daughters, aged 12 and 9, when they struggled with the strong current.

They were then taken to the Santa María hospital in Lisbon for a medical examination. A psychologist helps the grieving teenager and his mother, whose identity is unknown.

The lifeguard patrols on the beach where the tragedy occurred were not supposed to start until June 12, despite the fact that, after the alarm, trained Marines were mobilized to protect the population under the so-called “Seawatch” project .

Calada Beach, in Portuguese Praia da Calada, is a long sandy beach in the shape of a shell.

The popular surf spot is surrounded by high cliffs that protect it from strong winds.

Portuguese National Maritime Authority

The Portuguese National Maritime Authority said in a statement released Thursday evening: “A 45-year-old man died today on Calada beach, an unattended beach in the Mafra district, while trying to help his two 12-year-old girls when they are get into trouble. of the water.

“The alarm came at 2:40 pm via the Lisbon District Task Force assistance center.

Cascais Maritime Police officers and the “SeaWatch” project managers were immediately dispatched to the crime scene in an Amarok vehicle.

“Three ambulances of the volunteer firefighters from Ericeira and two rescue and resuscitation vehicles from Torres Vedras were also mobilized.

“When they arrived at the scene, they found that a man had been pulled out of the water by two surfers, had suffered a cardiac arrest and that a local nurse had started using rescue techniques which were then continued by the brigade. of fire. . .

“Despite their resuscitation attempts, it was not possible to reverse the situation and he was pronounced dead on the spot.

“The body of the deceased, who was of foreign nationality, was subsequently transported by volunteer firefighters to the Torres Vedras Institute of Forensic Medicine.

“The two children, accompanied by their mother, were transported by ambulance to a stable situation at the Santa María de Lisboa hospital.

“A maritime police psychologist offers his support to the relatives of the deceased and to one of the surfers who pulled him out of the water.”

A routine police investigation into the incident is reportedly underway. Today it was not immediately clear whether the autopsy had already been carried out.

A spokesperson for the Foreign Office, Commonwealth and Development said: “We support the family of a British man who sadly drowned in Portugal. Our hearts are with his family and loved ones.”


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