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Tammy Sytch

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Tammy Sytch, a former WWE wrestler with a history of legal troubles, was charged by Florida police with causing a fatal car accident while under the influence of alcohol last month.

The 49-year-old New Jersey native has not been charged, according to a report provided to by Ormond Beach police as of 8:28 p.m. on March 25. M. reportedly crashed into the back of a 2013 Kia Sorento with his 2012 Mercedes.

Victim Identified

A 75-year-old man and Sytch were taken to hospital with their injuries. The man, identified as Julian Lafrancis Lasseter of Daytona Beach Shores, ultimately died.

The report says Sytch was “driving at high speed” before the collision and police believe she was intoxicated at the time of the accident. A blood sample was taken from Sytch, but the results have not been made public.

“The Ormond Beach Police Department Traffic Unit is actively investigating the incident,” said a statement provided to “The investigation may lead to criminal charges pending toxicology results. The OBPD has requested an expedited timeline for the processing of these samples and results will be available as soon as the department receives them.

A third car was also involved in the crash, but the occupants did not require medical attention for their injuries.

Sytch, a WWE Hall of Famer who wrestled as “Sunny” and “Lynn Sytch” for much of her career, has at least six other DWI arrests, including an indictment in the New Jersey in 2019, thanks to a leadership orientation.

She was also arrested five times in less than a month in 2012 on various charges including third-degree robbery and disorderly conduct.

Sytch has been in and out of prison in New Jersey and Pennsylvania for various parole violations.

That year, according to the Post and Courier, she was arrested in New Jersey after attempting to stab a lover with scissors. She was charged with unlawful possession of firearms and threatening terrorism.