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Who was Sheri Chambers ( Missing couple found dead on county road ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Missing, Death Cause, Arrest, Investigation and More Facts

Sheri Chambers

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The search for a missing young couple Kraig Chambers and Sheri Chambers in Oklahoma ends with the discovery of their bodies lying on a road and under a bridge in a neighboring county.

Sheri and Kraig Chambers were reported missing on Sunday

As reported by Fox23 News, Tulsa County’s Sheri and Kraig Chambers were reported missing on Sunday after concerned family members were unable to contact them. A police visit to the couple’s home led investigators to believe that Sheri and Kraig had been injured.

“We found physical evidence that they may have encountered foul play,” Casey Smith of the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office told the news agency.

Authorities interviewed the couple’s cousin, 32-year-old Brock Pavey, who was released from prison just a few months ago. Police reportedly sought Pavey for interrogation after learning that he was the last known person to be in contact with the couple. He eventually confessed to killing Sheri and Kraig and led police to their bodies, according to the report.

Police told the news network that Kraig Chambers’ body was found under a bridge in Washington County and Sheri Chambers was found a short distance down the same street.

Law enforcement sources told Fox23 they believe Pavey took the couple to their home’s garage after an argument and fatally shot them both.

The couple reportedly leaves behind a young son. Police have not yet publicly confirmed whether the boy was home at the time of the shooting, but there are no indications that he was injured.

“That’s as bad a result as you can get it. We have two family members who have passed away and one other family member arrested in connection with their murder, ”Smith told Fox23.

“We have a child without parents. Nobody wanted it to end like that. ”

The authorities have not yet commented on a possible motive.