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Shannon O Connor

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The mother of a teenager has been accused of organizing alcoholic s*x parties for him and his friends and of “facilitating and observing” their s*xual acts, sometimes without consent.

Shannon O Connor, of Los Gatos, Calif., Is charged with crimes including child abuse, s*xual assault and delivering alcohol to minors at parties she tried to keep a secret, according to a criminal complaint filed with Santa Clara County. . Superior cut,

O’Connor, 47, is said to have encouraged and at times seen teenagers between the ages of 14 and 16 like his son.

According to the trial, the “parties” would take place from June 2020 until last spring.

Prohibiting teens from telling their parents or anyone else about the vacation, O’Connor said he could go to jail if anyone was told and even assault a 14-year-old girl he believed to be one. According to the information sheet presented, she was an informant. by the Santa Clara District Attorney’s Office,

The prosecutor also alleges that O’Connor prevented the children from seeking help or authorities “when one of them passed out in his own vomit” after drinking too much.

“It took many brave children to come forward and resolve this deeply concerning matter,” said prosecutor Jeff Rosen in a press release from the prosecutor.

“As a parent, I am amazed. As a District Attorney, I am determined to hold adults who put children at risk fully accountable to the law and our community.”

O’Connor provided alcohol, including beer, vodka and Fireball whiskey, and distributed condoms to underage guests, the prosecutor said in the statement.

In some cases, O’Connor “has reportedly sent Snapchat or text messages to teenagers to leave the house in the middle of the night and drink at home,” the prosecutor also said.

The list of indictments contains several instances where O’Connor allegedly encouraged drunken minors to engage in s*xual situations, including watching and laughing as “a drunk teenager s*xually beats a girl in bed” during a New Year’s party.

Authorities also claim that O’Connor led a drunken teenager to a bedroom where a drunk 14-year-old girl was lying on the bed. Authorities say the girl asked, “Why did you leave me there with him? For example, do you have how to do it? Like you know what he’s gonna do with me. ”

O’Connor, who now lives in Idaho awaiting extradition to California, also faces fraud charges for confiscating more than $ 120,000 in unauthorized charges on a business card from a previous job .

It was not immediately clear whether O’Connor had hired a legal representative to speak on his behalf.