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Who is Shailene Woodley Engaged to? His Relationship and dating history, Wiki, Bio, Twitter and More Ddetails

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Aaron Rodgers shocked everyone when he revealed he was engaged. He hasn’t revealed his fiancé’s name, but sources indicate that he and actress Shailene Woodley have been dating for a while. Here’s a look at their dating history.

Shailene made a name for herself in Hollywood after her role in “Big Little Lies”. “The Flaw in Our Stars” and others. Aaron revealed that 2020 was an exciting year for him when he got engaged. He beamed with happiness as he made the announcement and accepted the MVP of the 2020 NFL Season Award.


At the moment there is no confirmation of who Aaron’s fiancé is. However, the news comes days after a source confirmed that he and actress Shailene have been dating for some time. In his speech, Aaron thanked his “fiancé”.

“They started out as friends, but things got romantic. The two stay in contact while living far apart. The relationship is far off right now, but it makes it work, ”a source told US Weekly.

So far, Aaron hasn’t dropped his fiancé’s name. However, fans seem pretty sure it is Shailene after reports they are meeting with surfaced online a few days ago.


Aaron has been linked to various celebrities over the years. He has been reported in the past to date celebrities like Olivia Munn. The two were together for a while, but their relationship quickly ended.

He was also in a relationship with Danica Patrick. Aaron and Danica started dating in January 2019. Danica has often been spotted out in the field to aid Aaron. The two shared an insight into their lives on social media. Danica even talked about getting married soon. However, their fairytale romance quickly came to an end. The couple did not reveal what led to their split.


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