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Sayagi Sivanantham

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Mother killed her daughter because she was afraid of dying from Covid-19 and thought the girl couldn’t live without her, a court heard.

Sutha Sivanantham, 36, stabbed her daughter Sayagi Sivanantham, 5, 15 times in the bedroom of her south London apartment before seriously injuring herself on June 30 last year.

Her husband said she was “petrified” because she contracted the virus and the restrictions on confinement may have “pushed her to the limit”.

When Sivanantham appeared at the Old Bailey, he denied the murder but admitted to the murder due to minor liabilities and is being held in hospital indefinitely.

Sivanantham, who had lived in the UK after an arranged marriage since 2006, complained of mysterious grievances for nearly a year before the tragedy.

She developed a “pathological concern” that she was seriously ill and she believed she would die, prosecutors said.

On the day of the assault, she begged her husband not to go to work and called her friends to tell them she was not well.

At around 4:00 pm, the neighbors went to Monarch Parade’s apartment, Mitcham, and found Sivanantham stabbed in the abdomen.

Sayagi, who lay on her bed, had been stabbed multiple times in the neck, chest and abdomen.

Sainsbury’s worker Suganthan Sivanantham was called to the supermarket to learn that his wife had killed her daughter at home.

He was sobbing loudly in the dock as his impact statement was read in court.

He said: “I get very excited when I have to relive what happened with my daughter and my wife.”

He said the family had “lived a happy, full and happy life” before the murder. Since then he has had to quit his job and “every day is a struggle”.

Mr. Sivanantham said he did not speak to his wife but accepted that he was not responsible for his actions of her.

“I know I couldn’t have killed our daughter if she’d been healthy,” he said.

A psychiatrist who treated Sivanantham found that the social isolation and stress caused by the Covid 19 blockade contributed to his severe mental illness.

She was hospitalized under sections 37 and 41 of the Mental Health Act.

It will be up to the doctors to tell you when, in any case, you should be discharged.