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Who is Rysheim Smith ( Man who murder 6-year old boy ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Crime details, Investigations and More Facts

''Rysheim Smith'' was sentenced to 25 years in prison for the death of Zomere Perkins.

Rysheim Smith Biography                       Rysheim Smith Wiki

A Harlem man convicted murder of his girlfriend’s 6-year-old son and was sentenced to maximum jail on Monday by a judge who filed his case in court that he “loved” the boy.

Rysheim Smith, 47, was sentenced to 25 years in prison by the Manhattan Supreme Court in 2016 for the death of Zomere Perkins.

Smith was convicted of murder and manslaughter in January after Judge Ruth Pickholz described a “long and difficult” trial that contained gruesome photos of the young man’s injuries.

“Despite the way the prosecution spoke to me, I loved Zomere Perkins,” Smith said in court. “I emphasize that.”

“I take responsibility that he is in a toxic environment,” he said. “I don’t have the financial means to find out, even though I started.”

But the judge didn’t buy it.

“This child, this child, this innocent six-year-old was living in hell,” Pickholz told the court. “He was tortured. He was starving. He had to stay up at night and not go to bed. Yes, his teachers tried.

“This guy didn’t see love at home,” she told her. “He died a terrible death. The jury found out that he was killed by Mr. Smith.

Smith was convicted of second degree murder, manslaughter and two cases involving a child’s welfare.

Zomere died on September 26, 2016 after months of mistreatment by Smith and the boy’s mother, including being beaten with a broom.

Deputy District Attorney Kerry O’Connell said Smith also shoved Zolymer into a cold shower and then hung him on a hook, wet and unconscious, before throwing the young man against the wall.

“(Zomere) didn’t have to imagine anything to be afraid of,” O’Connell said in the final argument. “He had no monsters. He had two terrible people in the corridor next to him.

He said that Smith and the boy’s mother were “equally responsible for his depraved murder of him”.

An autopsy revealed that Zomere had more than 30 rib fractures.

Zymere’s mother, Geraldine Perkins, also reported that Smith shot her son in the ribs and stomach and admitted that she also shot him.

He received a declaration of consent to testify in court in exchange for a prison sentence of 2-6 years.

Perkins testified in court that he spent 10 minutes wearing makeup before taking her son’s lifeless body to the hospital.

During his roundup, defense attorney Arnold Levine claimed that it was Perkins, not Smith, who killed the young man.

Levine said Perkins was unable to deal with his hyperactive son and eventually broke down because he feared his son would ruin his relationship with Smith.

“She never took responsibility,” Levine said. “He Had to give up Ryshiem to get something. Rysheim cared whether that child had lived or died that day.

“He didn’t,” he said. “He killed his baby.

Childhood had already conducted five investigations into allegations of domestic polymer abuse at the time of his death.

The case sparked outcry over deficiencies in the childcare system.


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