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Who is Ryan Scott Blinston ( California tree-trimmer accused of serial killing ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Arrest, Investigation and More Facts

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California authorities have indicted a man Ryan Scott Blinston in a violent rampage that killed three people and injured two others after he allegedly slit their throats.

Ryan Scott Blinston Age

Ryan Scott Blinston, 37, is charged with murder, attempted murder and arson. His alleged crimes are particularly condemned for the alleged use of a weapon and assault on an elderly victim.

Butte County District Attorney said Blinston worked for a tree cutting company, including the homes of some of his victims.

He returned to the apartment of the elderly couple Loreen and Homer Severs (88 and 91 respectively) and is said to have cut his throat on May 18, 2020. Loreen died instantly, but Homer survived the attack and later died of an unrelated disease in December that year, authorities said.

Almost a month later, Blinston was working on Sandra George, 82, before she reportedly returned to cut her throat as well.

The last victim was an “acquaintance,” officials said. Vicky Cline, 57, was last seen alive with Blinston on June 6, 2020. She was destroyed by fire later that night, and she was discovered more than two weeks later when a fisherman retrieved her body from the Feather River. Her throat had also been slit.

A SWAT team was used to arrest Blinston on June 14, 2020 when they discovered he was trying to break into a motor home with a hatchet. He had tried to cut the throat of an older man he lived with, but the man had been able to lock Blinston out after the attack, officials said.

SWAT team members chased Blinston into the nearby forest, where they captured him.

The man survived and Blinston was charged with attempted murder. He remained in jail without bail pending further charges. According to authorities, blood and DNA evidence found on and in Blinston’s car has been forensically cross-checked with Cline.

The case was fraught with complications in court due to his alleged two-county crimes, but Butte County District Attorney Mike Ramsey and Tehama District Attorney Matt Rogers agreed to combine the cases in the Butte County Supreme Court and to check.

“Through the combined efforts of law enforcement agencies in Tehama and Butte counties, we can seek justice for the victims and make sure no one harms others,” said Ramsey and Rogers.

Blinston was charged on Thursday. If found guilty, he will face life without parole.

His trial will take place in June.

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