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Robert Bierenbaum

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Plastic Surgeon convicted of murdering his wife and sentenced 20-years in prison.

A former plastic surgeon convicted of throwing his wife from a plane confessed after pleading not guilty for more than 30 years. ABC News reports that Robert Bierenbaum, who is turning 20 years after the murder of his wife Gail Katz, confessed to the crime during a probation hearing in December 2020. Katz went missing in 1985 and his body was never. been found. Bierenbaum was found guilty on circumstantial evidence, but eventually confessed to the heinous crime. “I wanted him to stop yelling at me and I attacked her,” he said as he listened to transcripts he received from ABC News. He claimed he strangled her wife and then threw her out of an airplane window because he was “immature” and “didn’t know how to handle her anger.”

What surprised prosecutors the most was that his confession was identical to the theory put forward by prosecutors in a murder trial in 2000, ”said Dan Bibb, one of the prosecutors.