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Who is Rachid Khadla ( Father, 56, who is accused of child cruelty ) Wiki, Bio, Age Crime details, Investigations and More Facts

''Rachid Khadla'' father of three, accused of assault and cruelty against minors.

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  • Rachid Khadla, 56, father of three, accused of assault and cruelty against minors
  • Daughter Amira, now 23, said her ‘dominant’ father had decided what to wear
  • He made her sign a contract telling her that she would make sure you never got fat.
  • Khadla is also accused of beating her youngest son, Hicham, who is now 18 years old.

A fitness fanatic got his daughter to sign a lifetime “contract” promising never to get fat and complaining almost every day, a jury heard today.

Rachid Khadla, 56, a father of three from Windsor, Berkshire, faces cruelty and battery charges for treating his daughter Amira and sons Hicham and Karim.

Amira, now 23, said her “controlling” father decided what to wear, who to see, who to talk to and what to watch on TV.

The body-obsessed defendant, who was “very aware” of his physical form and diet, allegedly had his daughter sign a piece of paper which read: “I, Amira Khadla, will never allow myself to gain weight. I’ll be doing a lot of sports to be sure. “I never gain weight, not even to death. ‘

She also said that Rachid Khadla regularly hit her with a spoon, slapped her arms and chest, and even threw a chair at her, leaving a lump behind her ear.

Khadla Accused For ?

Rachid Khadla is also accused of punching her youngest son, Hicham, who is now 18, in the chest and strangling him for “five to ten seconds” for being too slow to clean the house.

The eldest son, Karim, who severed ties with the whole family due to the alleged cruelty he suffered as a child, said Khadla hit him so hard that he fell at the age of 15 years old.

Rachid Khadla denies three cases of child cruelty and two cases of assault that actually caused physical harm.

While reading Crown Court, Amira heard herself remembering her father throwing a chair at her when she was nine and leaving a lump behind her ear.

Khadla reportedly lied to medics, claiming the injury was caused by a soccer ball.

After Amira was regularly beaten in the arms and chest with a spoon, she admitted that she was “afraid” of her father.

He said he constantly denigrated them and called them dumb and bankrupt and crap, the jury heard.

Prosecutor Alex Krikler said ?

“The accused was very fitness and diet conscious, went to the gym regularly and ate healthy.

“Her daughter’s weight was a constant problem. In fact, the accused regularly weighed all the children to make sure they were not gaining weight.

“In 2012, the accused Amira had the following document signed:” I, Amira Khadla, will never allow myself to gain weight. I will exercise a lot to make sure I never gain weight, even until I die. ”

His 27-year-old wife, Sarah Khadla, did not intervene, but the court heard that she was involved in the police investigation.

He told the court he was “in a bad mood” and would be angry with his three children for no reason.

The jury announced that Khadla was “irritated” by her youngest son Hicham, who has a learning disability.

On October 16, 2019, the student was cleaning his sister’s room when the accused attacked him for being too slow.

Krikler said: “He punched Hicham in the chest several times and then pushed him towards his sister’s bed.

Then she put both hands around his neck and strangled him for a moment, five to ten seconds, before hugging him, punching him in the chest and walking away.

“Hicham tried to say ‘enough’ but couldn’t speak.

“He couldn’t breathe, and although the strangulation traces were relatively minor, the incident was extremely terrifying. ”

The next morning, just before the family was due to attend his sister’s graduation, Hicham told his mother that his father had “crossed the line.”

Hicham then went to school, where he entrusted the strangulation torture to his closest friends.

The children told their teachers what happened and the staff reported it to the police.

Khadla was arrested later that night, a judge heard.

After the arrest, Hicham told police how his father treated him at home when he was a child.

Krikler told the jury: “For the slightest infraction at home, he said that he would get ‘the spoon’ on a regular basis.

His father raised his hands and struck his palm with a wooden spoon.

He also described how his father pushed and hit him and sometimes threw objects at him.

“The abuse was not just physical. The defendant would also threaten extreme violence that “would cause his brain to fire and kill him.” His father told her that he was weak.

The eldest son, Karim, also recounted the cruelty he suffered as a child. He remembered “control, temper and violence” and they hit him so hard on the head when he was 15 years old that they knocked him to the ground.

The court heard that the 26-year-old cut ties with his father and his family after leaving him before the allegations came to light.

Khadla’s wife, Sarah, who had been married to the defendant for 27 years, backed her children’s report of how they had been sexually abused, the jury told the jury.

She describes his control over the family and how he was short-tempered and angry for no reason. This anger is described as directed at children, ”said Mr. Krikler.

After his arrest, the 56-year-old defendant denied strangling his son, claiming instead that he was behaving in “self-defense.” He said his son was angry and scared.

He claims to have grabbed Hicham, who tripped over the bed, to immobilize him.

The prosecutor said: “When asked how he would discipline his children, he said that when they were younger he would beat them.

But otherwise, he said that he never physically hit her or verbally abused her.

He denied threatening or physically hurting his children and said that he sometimes yelled, but that was it. He denied control of his children.

The prosecutor concluded his opening speech with the words of the jury: “It is your turn to judge, but the complaint of each child supported by the mother is forceful and reveals the reality of family life and the behavior of the accused.

“The indictment establishes that one can be sure that not only he was disciplinary, but that he illegally assaulted her children and abused them in such a way that her behavior went to the limit and turned into criminal behavior. . ”


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