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Who is Rachel Beeton ( Mother, 38, who planned to murder her ex-partner ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Crime, Incident details, Investigations and More Facts

Rachel Beeton

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A manhunt is underway for a wanted mother who fled after vowing to kill her ex-boyfriend and his girlfriend.

Rachel Beeton, 38, reportedly remained in Lincolnshire or the West Midlands area after violating her license terms.

Lincolnshire Police said she was arrested for assault and are now asking the public to help find her.

She comes after she was jailed in 2018 for ransacking her former partner’s car and her new lover’s apartment.

While in custody and despite her deportation, Beeton continued to write to her former partner of hers, before writing a letter to a friend about her about how she wanted to kill him and her new lover.

During a trial, Attorney Lucky Thandi told Lincoln Crown Court that the letter was intercepted by prison staff.

He said, “In the letter, she said she would stab her ex and her new partner with a knife.

She “she explained how she spent her nights killing them.”

She went on to say that she was planning to kill her ex’s new partner after he was released from prison, she heard the court.

Despite being sentenced to four years in prison and a 10-year restraining order, Beeton was caught sending out another death threat in 2019.

Letter written by HMP Peterborough

In the letter written by HMP Peterborough, Beeton wrote: “If this is the last thing I do, I will find her pussy and make her pay for it.”

“I will hunt her like the dog that she is hers and kill her slowly so that she knows the pain I feel without my children.”

“She’ll beg me to kill her when I’m done with her.”

“You can keep me here as long as you want, but I’ll take revenge.” She will die ».

Prison officials intercepted Beeton’s letter in the mailbox only after another inmate raised the alarm.

During her interview with the police, Beeton said she wrote the letter because she was “pissed off” and she told officers that she “she couldn’t be happy” to talk to them.

Faced with the latest death threat, her sentence was extended for two months.

Anyone who knows where she is should call Lincolnshire Police at 101 and mention the 9 September incident at 513.