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Who was Ottilia Piros ( Woman 36, Murder by Daughter & her boyfriend ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Crime, Incident details, Investigations and More Facts

Girl and her boyfriend charged with murder of mother of 36.

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A teenage girl and her boyfriend, have been charged with the murder of the mother of the 36-year-old girl.

Hannah Thomas, 17, and Richard Avila, 16, were charged last week at their home in Greece, New York, on murder charges and second degree weapons in the murder of Ottilia Piros, the Rochester Democrat reported . . & Chronology.

The teens are based in Arizona and were visiting Piros while on vacation, police said. They were arrested on December 29 for driving west through Saint Robert, Missouri, and police decided to call the Greek Department to confirm that Piros said they had given them permission to ‘use your car. the newspaper.

Police found a gun in the car and said ballistic analysis showed it to be the weapon used in the murder.

Greek Police Chief Andrew Forsythe on Tuesday called the murder “hideous and disgusting” and said the teens shot Piros twice in the head. He did not speculate on the motive for the murder.

The two teenagers remain in detention in Missouri until they are taken to New York. It was not immediately clear whether the couple had lawyers to represent them.


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