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Who was Olivia Gimeno ( Child, 6, body found in bag on seabed 3,000ft deep ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Crime, Incident details, Investigations and More Facts

Child was found in a sack on the bottom of the sea and authorities believe it is a missing girl 'Olivia Gimeno'.

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A child was found in a sack on the bottom of the sea and authorities believe it is “almost certainly” a missing girl who was kidnapped by her runaway father.

The body was found in a sports bag more than 300 feet underwater in the Atlantic off the coast of Tenerife.

Vitim Identified

Spanish investigators believe that it is Olivia Gimeno, 6, who was brought on April 27 by her father Tomás Gimeno with her little sister Anna.

She was found next to a second empty gym bag, raising fears that one-year-old Anna could never be found if she were there.

The discovery comes after a bottle of water and a duvet cover from Gimeno, 37, were found on the ocean floor near the same area on Monday.

Beatriz Zimmerman, the desperate mother of the girls, was informed.

Pedro Sánchez, President of the Spanish Government: “I cannot imagine the pain of the mother of little Anna and Olivia, who disappeared in Tenerife after the terrible news we have just heard.

I send you a hug and my love and that of my whole family, who today show their solidarity with Beatrice and her relatives.

It was rumored that Gimeno never accepted Beatriz’s relationship with a new Belgian partner after their split.

The international police agency Interpol had issued two “yellow notices” in connection with the search for missing girls.

Well-known internet celebrities, including Cristiano Ronaldo’s partner Georgina Rodríguez, shared a video of the girls that Beatrice posted.

However, his worst fears were all but confirmed with the discovery on Thursday.

A spokesman for the Spanish investigative judge, who is responsible for the ongoing judicial investigations, informed about the current situation.

That said the spokesman. “Aside from further forensic investigations, the body is almost certainly the same as that of Olivia G, the young woman who disappeared on April 27 with her sister and one-year-old father.

The body was found by a robot from the research vessel ngeles Alvarino at noon today about 1,000 meters under water about five kilometers off the coast of Tenerife.

“It was in a gym bag that was attached to an anchor. Next to it was another empty gym bag.

The body was transported to the mainland for an autopsy.

“The ship called Ángeles Alvarino continues its investigation”.


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