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Cyberstalker, 58, is jailed for ten years for ‘mentally torturing’ woman he met online

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A Iowa Man Michael Shawn McGuire was sentenced to 10 years in prison for stalking his ex for two years.

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Michael Shawn McGuire, 58, of Cresco, Iowa, pleaded guilty to four cyberstalking cases on December 8 and was jailed on Friday.

During his hearing on the verdict, Judge CJ Williams said McGuire was involved in “some form of mental torture” and “in some ways a form of public terrorism”.

McGuire was out with the unknown victim who lives in Minnesota for seven months after meeting her on a dating site in the fall of 2017 Ministry of Justice.

He runs an insurance and tax business in Cresco, they say West central stand.

Michael Shawn McGuire, 58, created five fake Facebook profiles for the victim with suggestive photos

Mcguire has also put up explicit courtyard signs with the victim's information in front of her work place and church

Michael Shawn McGuire, pictured in two separate mug shots above, was sentenced to ten years federal prison after pleading guilty to four cyberstalking cases in the U.S. District Court

After she broke up with him, he texted her so many emails and texted her that she went for a contactless order in the summer of 2018.

After that, his actions got worse.

McGuire has created more than five Facebook profiles with her name and photo.

He sent friend requests from the accounts to more than 80 of his friends and family containing “sexually explicit messages”.

He also made “dozens” of leaflets and courtyard signs with her name, phone number, address, and “sexually explicit photos of women who appear to be the victims”.

The leaflets were delivered to the victim’s children, other family members, neighbors, friends, their employer, a priest and a company that they linked, the DOJ said.

That Court signs were left in the parking lot of her employer, her church, and a popular local restaurant.

At one point he sprayed her name and a lewd message outside a shop in her hometown.

McGuire created five separate Facebook accounts with the victim’s name and sexually unique photos. He sent inquiries from them to their friends and family

He spent “a few days” in the county jail after writing to her to call the police because he violated his restraining order by following her in his car.

The victim saw him follow her through Wilmar, Minnesota, about 95 miles west of Minneapolis on October 3, 2018.

The stalking incident coincided with a court hearing in Wilmar, according to the West Central Tribune.

Much of the stalking took place in Wilmar, a small lake town in southwest Minnesota

Much of the stalking took place in Wilmar, a small lake town in southwest Minnesota

Kandiyohi County, where Wilmar is based, has filed 91 separate charges against McGuire, ranging from felony harassment to stalking.

These charges have since been dismissed.

During a search of his workplace in autumn 2019, investigators found photos of the victim, his family and friends, his Facebook friend list, accessories for leaflets and yard signs, rubber gloves and rope.

“Michael McGuire tortured the victim for over two years,” said acting US attorney Sean R. Berry after the conviction.

“He will spend the next decade in federal prison, protecting both his victim and the public from his malicious behavior. This sentence sends a strong message to everyone that this type of behavior will not be tolerated. ‘

McGuire was also sentenced to three years supervised release and a fine of $ 15,000 and $ 17,500 in compensation to the victim after serving in prison.


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