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Who is Michael Lopez ( Man, 27, arrested for Bronx sidewalk shooting ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Crime, Incident details, Investigations and More Facts

'Michael Lopez' serving two prison sentences was arrested Friday morning and charged in the Bronx shooting.

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Harlem gangster serving two prison sentences was arrested Friday morning and charged in the Bronx shooting that missed two young children.

Michael Lopez, 27, faces an assassination attempt and many other allegations of alleged arson that opened on June 17 in broad daylight, with his lens trampling on his brothers Mia (13) and Christian (5) in the sidewalk as they entered. A cellar for Caramella. Miraculously, they were not hit by gunfire.

Video of the shooting became a viral description of rampant gun violence in the Big Apple, including the Bronx, where at least six people died overnight, police said Friday.

“This heartbreaking video has been seen all over the world, and now I’m afraid the tagline is’ The Bronx is bleeding,” Bronx District Attorney Darcel Clark said at a news conference at New York City Police Headquarters. New York that afternoon. “We do our best, but we have to prevent such things from happening. ”

Lopez, who allegedly beat up a rival that day, is a member of the Make It Happen Boyz street gang and has been arrested five times for robbery, attempted murder, conspiracy, possession of weapons and illegal disclosure. Images according to sources.

He was arrested at his stepfather’s home in Harlem, according to the NYPD.

James Essig

Chief Detective James Essig said Lopez admitted to being the man in the photo taken during the shooting and provided conflicting claims about where he was during the shooting.

Police are still looking for an accomplice who helped López escape on a scooter.

Lopez was released from jail for attempted assault in 2017 and served two years of probation, according to state records. According to the records, his supervised publication would end in 2023.

According to documents and sources, he was also convicted of criminal possession of a weapon in 2011 for shooting someone in Harlem.

When police picked up Lopez from NYPD Station 44 on Friday afternoon, the gang member, dressed in a white tank top that he tucked into underwear, athletic shorts, and flip-flops with socks, looked straight ahead, screaming. journalists ask.

News of the arrest in the high-profile case, in which Mayor Eric Adams offered $ 2,000 of his money for information leading to a necklace, comes as shootings in the city continue to skyrocket this year.

According to the NYPD, firearm cases nearly doubled in 2021 compared to the same period last year, with more than 100 more deaths this year.

Lopez’s arrest came hours after two men opened fire before a graduation ceremony in the Bronx and injured five people, including three teenagers, police said. The couple were denied entry to the party and, moments later, returned to their car, unleashing a hail of bullets in front of the Unionport building.

Another shooting in the Bronx Thursday night injured a 27-year-old woman believed to be innocent in the homes of NYCHA butlers in the town of Claremont, police said. She should survive.

In an independent press conference, Adams condemned gun violence and said the NYPD needs to do more to target “hot spots.”

“We don’t cover all the hot spots,” said Adams, a former NYPD captain. “Any hotspot identified by the police must be covered by local resources. ”

Adams promised to urge Mayor de Blasio to send more police to these high-crime areas.
Meanwhile, police arrested a deadly shooting outside a church in the Bronx earlier this month.

Spencer Bridge was arrested for murder, manslaughter and criminal possession of a firearm in the June 12 shooting that killed 42-year-old Vaughn Flanders and injured a 28-year-old innocent woman outside St. Anthony of Padua in Morrisania.

Police said the murder was drug related.



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