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Michael F. Dorazo

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An armed confrontation in Gloucester County resulted in the arrest of an allegedly armed man after being confronted by police.

Michael F. Dorazo Age

Michael F. Dorazo, 41, of Glendora, was arrested Saturday night following the confrontation, Gloucester District Prosecutors said in a statement.

Dorazo is charged with breaking into a house on Pasadena Avenue in Deptford and firing a gun, police said before escaping on foot. He was armed with a variety of weapons, including a high-capacity assault weapon, police said.

A search that lasted several hours in darkness and pouring rain ended with Dorazo being surrounded by police in an area of ​​Deptford. He “took steps to use a weapon against the police,” the police said, but was approached, disarmed and arrested.

The neighborhood was blocked during the search and residents were told to stay indoors for about four hours.

Dorazo has been charged with attempted murder, robbery-during-attempted murder, domestic violence, and firearms. Before a hearing, he was taken to the correctional center in the Salem district.