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Maureen McLellan

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A grandmother accused is found part of a suspected pedophile ring, six months after death of suspicious people dead.

Maureen McLellan body, also known as Goudie, was found last week in inexplicable circumstances in Glasgow estate.

According to the sun, the police started an investigation into the sudden death of suspicion, 50.

He confronted five allegations of s*xual crime, including rape through a small child.

His death comes after his co-defendant, Robert Brown, 51, died a few days after the choice of his home of the demonstrators.

The body of mother McLellalan was observed on May 13 six months after her process at Glasgow Court Sheriff.

He did not do it in any way when he dived on 21 October with another woman who came against the same fees.

A source said in the sun that McLelanlan has not been seen for several days and had “long-term drinking and drug problems”.

They added, “Imagine the heaviest accusations, but now two of the defendants are dead.

“It is a tragic and annoying result of all involved.

His death is coming to Robert Brown, 51, last November, days after the angry residents met his block of flats.

He was accompanied by the underground police, from the city of Glasgow, before he was transferred to separate the accommodation.

Previously, he had been charged with five s*xual offenses, including the violation of a child under 13 years.

Brown appeared in October in the court of the sheriff of the city with eight men and five women.

According to the sun, one of the other men of the so-called pedophile ring 13 accusations are alleged, three of which injure a child.

Another woman and three men 43, 47 and 54 are five allegations.

A spokesman for a crown office said, “The tax lawyer received a death report of a 50-year-old woman on May 13, 2021.

“The investigation of death, under the direction of the Scottish Death Surveying Unit (SFIU), was completed and after the special attention of the facts and circumstances of the case came the tax lawyer that no other was requested.

“The family was informed about this decision.”

A spokesman of the Police of Scotland said: “Thursday, May 13, 2021, the police received a sudden relationship of a 50-year-old woman in Glasgow.

“Death is not treated as suspicion, and a relationship was presented to the taxamiliarity”.