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Matthew Drury

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A Suffolk County police officer was arrested on suspicion of failing to respond to multiple 911 calls last year but presented supporting documents, authorities said Wednesday.

Suffolk County District Attorney Timothy Sini said Matthew Drury, 34, of Lake Grove, New York, would be charged with, among other things, forging corporate documents; offering the wrong payment instrument and official misconduct.

Sini said Drury was called six times in April, May and October 2020 but was absent. These calls included emergency calls involving seniors and an accident in an apartment.

Drury, in service since September 2016, was suspended without pay. He was charged Wednesday and released upon his request and is expected to return to court in October.

His attorney, Anthony La Pinta, said in a statement that “we will take cautious steps to investigate” and called the allegations “totally inconsistent with Agent Drury’s honorable record.”

Drury faces up to four years in prison if convicted.