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Who is Marwa Elselehdar ( Egypt’s first female ship’s captain ) Wiki, Bio, Twitter, Facebook, Details, Information and More Facts

Marwa Elselehdar Biography                                              Marwa Elselehdar Wiki

EGYPT’s first female captain was accused by trolls of blocking the Suez Canal while on another ship hundreds of miles away.

Marwa Elselehdar was working as the first at the Aida IV commands in Alexandria when the Ever Given got stuck in the canal and the main shipping route stopped.

But online rumors and fake headlines are spreading the lie that you ran aground on the container ship in Suez.

Rumors of her about her role on Ever Given were largely fueled by screenshots of a fake title allegedly posted by Arab News indicating she was involved in the Suez incident.

The processed image appears to come from an actual Arab report published on March 22 documenting Marwa’s success as Egypt’s first captain. The photo was shared dozens of times on Twitter and Facebook.

Several Twitter accounts in her name have also spread false claims that she was involved in Ever Given.

The 29-year-old said: “I felt like they were attacking me, maybe because I’m a successful woman in this area or because I’m Egyptian, but I’m not sure.”

“This fake article was in English and circulated in other countries.”

“The comments on the article were very negative and harsh, but there were many other supportive comments from ordinary people and the people I work with.”

“I have decided to focus on all the support and love that I am receiving and my anger has turned into gratitude.”

She added: “It is also interesting that I have become even more famous than before.”

Marwa she claims to have always loved the sea and was inspired to join the Merchant Navy after her brother joined the Arab Academy of Science, Technology and Shipping (AASTMT).

Although the academy only accepted men at the time, she still applied and was allowed to join after a legal review by then Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.

During her studies of her, Ms. Elselehdar said she had dealt with sexism at all times.

“There were older men with different mindsets on board, so it was hard not to find like-minded people to communicate with.

“It was a challenge to face all this alone and overcome it without affecting my sanity.”

She added: “People in our society still don’t accept the idea that girls work in the ocean for long periods of time outside of their families, but if you do what you love, you don’t need to get approval from. all.”


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