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Who was Linda Sidon ( Mum who was killed by her son in Gold Coast home in 2009 ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Family, Death Cause, Arrest, Investigation and More Facts

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The family of a Queensland mother Linda Sidon who was brutally killed at the hands of her son Daniel Paul Heazlewood are still searching for answers after authorities failed to locate her body.

Daniel Paul Heazlewood Age

Daniel Paul Heazlewood, 33, killed his mother Linda Sidon, 46, at their Housing Commission house on the Gold Coast in June 2009.

He drove 30 km to the Numinbah Valley with Ms. Sidon’s body in the trunk of his car, then buried her in a shallow grave.

Daniel Paul Heazlewood charged with manslaughter in 2015

Heazlewood was charged with manslaughter in 2015 and sentenced to eight years in prison in 2018.

He was released just 29 months later in February this year – despite Queensland’s ‘No Body No Parole’ law and authorities still unable to locate Ms Sidon’s body.

The victim’s sister, Pamela McLaren, told the Gold Coast Bulletin that she felt ‘physically ill’ knowing her nephew had been released into the community.

Under state law, a murderer cannot be granted parole if the victim’s body has not been discovered.

The Parole Board can, however, release an inmate if they are convinced that they have made genuine attempts to identify the victim’s remains.

Ms McLaren, who does not believe her nephew properly assisted police with their investigations, criticized the exemption.

“ I think Daniel is going on as usual, making everyone look like idiots, ” she said.

“I don’t think it’s safe for the community. I don’t think it’s fair… that’s how you get away with (killing) your mom. You just say you don’t know where the body is and you will be released from prison in a few years. It’s a bit of a joke.

Around the time of the trial, Heazlewood participated in a re-enactment of his mother’s death and took the police to where he believed he had buried her, not remembering the exact location.

The Parole Board noted in a report that environmental factors made recovery of the body “impossible.”

“His delay in providing information in a timely manner during the investigation negated the usefulness of his information,” the report said.

Ms Sidon’s other sister, Pauline, said the law was ‘broken’ and needed to be rewritten.

The mother-of-two said the law was passed to bring loved ones home ‘and that is not happening’.

Pauline Sidon is adamant: she will never forgive her nephew for taking her sister’s life.

The sisters admitted that Ms Sidon’s body is unlikely to ever be moved.

Heazlewood was arrested in 2015 after police put him under surveillance as a suspect in his mother’s disappearance.

A surveillance device captured Heazlewood talking about his mother on his way to Numinbah Valley, where it was later revealed that he had buried her.

“She pushed me too far one day, so I killed her,” you could hear her say.

After his death, Heazlewood reportedly told a friend how he felt about his mother.

‘I hate her. I can’t stand the bitch, ” he reportedly said.

While being questioned by police following his arrest, Heazlewood told detectives his mother entered his room brandishing a steak knife and began to verbally abuse him.

He said she would abuse him because he still lived at the house and jumped up and grabbed her wrist before they both ended up on the floor.

We were on the ground but I grabbed his wrist and then we struggled, I don’t know if I was saying something, ” he said.

“ And then somehow we fell and I was in the frame of my room, then his head was on my chest and we were both facing the roof and I had his wrist and I had my forearm around her neck and we were struggling and I had pressure there [her neck].

“ And I don’t think it was very long and then she wasn’t moving. ”

Heazlewood said he then ‘walked away’ from her and went into the living room for a while before returning and moving his body to his bed. A “day or two” later, he decided to watch her and found that she was not breathing.

‘So I sat around the house for another one wondering what to do, I remember at one point I went to Bunnings and bought a shovel and a bag of lime, I remember hearing it said in a movie that lime does something, ” he said.

He said he then wrapped it in a blanket before moving it to the trunk of his own car.

“Then that night I went to Pine Creek Road and then I got out of the car and went into the bush a little bit and dug a hole, ”he said.

“ And then I got back to the car and I remember trying to carry it, I couldn’t, I kept reaching out and throwing up when I tried to put it on my shoulder so I had it just drag.

He said he threw his body into the hole he dug, covered it with lime and earth, and left.


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