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Meet Australia’s richest YouTuber Lachlan Power and he’s only 25 years old, Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Net Wealth and More Facts

Lachlan Power

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This college dropout Lachlan Power was catapulted to millionaire rank after starting a hobby in 2014. He now lives in a $ 4.4 million house and earns $ 2.4 million a year.

Lachlan Power Australia’s richest YouTuber

Australia’s richest YouTuber is a 25-year-old dropout who pushes millions of people to post game videos online.

Brisbane-based Lachlan Power is reportedly making at least $ 2.4 million per year. He lives in a $ 4.4 million apartment and drives a $ 200,000 Tesla X SUV.

The young millionaire is also linked with international lingerie model Morgan Krizmanich.

He is Australia’s sixth largest YouTuber with 14.6 million subscribers.

Power has good deals with companies like Samsung and Disney, so it’s no wonder he’s making a lot of money.

Lachlan Power Family

Power, the son of Logan Mayor Darren Power and the mother of bank manager Lynne has three siblings who the Courier Mail say appear to have had a rather humble upbringing in Shailer Park, Brisbane.

In 2014, he decided to take to YouTube as a hobby when the Fortnite video game became incredibly popular. A few years later, the Power Channel catapulted him to living a rich and famous lifestyle.

Since then he has founded his own fashion brand Power by Lachlan and supports the products of companies such as Emirates and The Pokémon Company.

Power’s family-owned business owns his impressive $ 4.4 million riverside condo on the Kangaroo Point River where he lives, but the company also owns a seven-bedroom property in Cornubia.

The property includes a basketball court, swimming pool and custom bar, as well as a Newstead unit from Power that was purchased for $ 462,000 at the age of 18.

Power’s Tesla SUV is worth $ 200,000 with personalized “BANTER” license plates.

However, Power may try to start a new business soon. The YouTuber told fans this week that he is no longer “passionate” about his job.

“I just want to find the burning passion for Fortnite content creation that I once had…” he tweeted.

“I love playing Fortnite and playing it almost every day.

“By just being creative, I can’t find the passion I once had for content creation, (and) I feel like recycling another challenge video takes it away (more). “