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Kevin Vuong

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The federal liberals called on one of their election candidates in downtown Toronto to “halt” his campaign after Star announced he was charged with s*xual assault in 2019 and the charges were dropped that same year.

In a statement to the star Thursday night, liberal candidate Kevin Vuong said he wanted to “make it clear that these allegations are false” and that by then he had “fought hard”. Drop s*xual assault charges in November 2019.

He said the fight would continue had the office not been dropped and said it was “deeply troubling” that the allegations re-emerged a few days before the election.

“I will take time with my family,” Vuong said in the statement.

In a separate statement, Liberal Party spokesman Alex Lawrence said the party first learned of the situation on Thursday and asked Kevin Vuong to “suspend the campaign while we investigate.”

Kevin Vuong became the Liberal candidate to ride to Spadina-Fort York that summer shortly after current Liberal Congressman Adam Vaughan announced that he would not be running.

The woman, whose allegations led to the s*xual assault allegations, told The Star that she didn’t know Vuong was running for Liberals until she recently returned to Toronto to see her face on. election signs on King Street West.

It is The Star’s policy to guarantee anonymity to anyone who claims to have been s*xually assaulted.

Court documents show that the crown prosecutor dropped the charges against Vuong on November 27, 2019, seven months after his indictment and before the trial was closed.

“I have met with the complainant and the responsible officials for some time about this. (The plaintiff) had a number of personal issues, “Crown Attorney Louise Collins told court” according to a transcript. “.

In an interview with the star, the complainant claimed to have had multiple dates with Vuong after they met on a dating app in early 2019.

On April 8, 2019, he said, Vuong came home and the two watched a movie, went to bed and fell asleep. Soon after, she said Vuong’s touch had woken her up.

“First he touches my breasts, then he tries to drool all over my neck, then he puts his hands down,” she said.

She said she was confused for a few seconds, then told Vuong to go to the bathroom, where she said she had locked the door and contacted a friend. The friend entered the apartment, told Vuong to leave and left without a confrontation, said the whistleblower, who also provided screenshots of text messages with the friend that evening.

The friend confirmed her recollection of the events of that night.

Kevin Vuong did not specify the charges against him in his statement to the star.

The complainant said she told the Crown prosecutor that she “didn’t have the energy” to go to court because she suffered the trauma of a criminal trial as a child after having been s*xually assaulted.

“At the same time (I told him) that he had to say something (…) or face a consequence of his actions,” he said, adding that he had told the Crown that ‘he wanted Vuong to receive therapy or counseling.

The author claimed that this was the only time she had spoken to Collins. He also said he was unaware that the charges against Vuong would be dropped until the star informed them this week.

Brian Gray, spokesperson for the Ontario Ministry of Justice, did not say why the charges against Vuong were dropped.

However, Gray said “Crown attorneys generally” have a duty to drop charges if there is no reasonable prospect of conviction or if it is not in the public interest. to act. ”

Vuong’s biography on the Liberal Party website describes him as a “businessman, lecturer and military officer” who founded a company to make reusable masks when the pandemic struck last year.

Top 30 Under 30

He was also named one of the “Top 30 Under 30” in Canada in 2016 by Corporate Knights magazine, which recognized his service to Canadian Navy and Toronto initiatives.

Controversies over allegations of misconduct and s*xual misconduct haunted Liberals throughout the campaign.

Raj Saini, the Liberal candidate and MP for the Kitchener Center office, ended his campaign on September 4 after CBC reported he made unsolicited s*xual advances and inappropriate comments against Liberal staff.

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau, who says his party has a zero tolerance policy and strict standards for dealing with such behavior, initially defended his party’s decision to keep Saini as a Liberal candidate.

Saini has denied the charges against him, calling them “clearly false” and “defamatory”.

The Liberal government has come under fire for dealing with allegations of s*xual misconduct that have soared to the top of the Canadian military. Those accused of allegations of misconduct include Jonathan Vance, the former defense chief who retired as the country’s top military officer in January, and Major General Dany Fortin, who was ousted from his position as executive director of the COVID-19 vaccine in Canada, and charged with s*xual intercourse. aggression.

The two men deny the charges against them.