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Who is Katharine Birbalsingh ( Headteacher accuses woke cultural racism for ‘mercilessly attacking’ black conservatives ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Arrest, Investigation and More Facts

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A director Katharine Birbalsingh made a hit in the “waking culture” today because he “mercilessly attacked” black conservatives who “dare to think for themselves”.

President Tony Sewell, Director Katharine Birbalsingh

President Tony Sewell, Director Katharine Birbalsingh, targeted those behind the abuse of racist reporting, accusing “leftists” of promoting their own “cultural racism” by trying to silence opposing views.

It came after members of the government’s Racial Disparity Commission retaliated this week against “irresponsible and dangerous” criticism from politicians and public figures.

Members of the committee were criticized by critics who called the Commission’s latest study of racial and ethnic differences “whitewash” after it found no conclusive evidence of institutional racism in Britain.

However, they expressed concern about the abuses they were exposed to during the debate.

The committee even highlighted a tweet by a Labor MP who had used an image of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) in relation to the report.

A Cambridge University professor also sparked outrage on social media by telling committee chairman Dr. Sewell, who is black, compared to the Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels.

Now Ms. Birbalsingh, founder and director of the London-based Free School Michaela Community School, has responded to attacks by black conservatives.

She said, “In our 2021 wakefulness culture, it is still acceptable to ruthlessly attack black conservatives.

“They ‘betrayed’ their left masters by daring to think for themselves when to be grateful.

“THAT is institutionalized / cultural racism. And it’s everywhere.

His comments came in response to a tweet from another educator who also denounced the “bad abuse” directed against those behind the report.

Last week, the authors of the controversial report on racism in Britain welcomed a “heated debate” over the committee’s findings.


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