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Justine Ruszczyk Damond

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A court overturned the conviction of an American policeman for murder who shot Australian Justine Ruszczyk Damond.

Newbie policeman Mohamed Noor was convicted of third degree murder after shooting Justine Ruszczyk Damond in Minneapolis on July 15, 2017 and was sentenced to 12 and a half years in prison.

But the Minnesota Supreme Court overturned the sentence overnight for legal reasons and ordered the sentence reduced.

The court agreed with his he lawyers that the specific wording of the “depraved ghost” murder charge for which he had been convicted was not justified by his actions.

He has been sentenced to two years in prison and it is not clear how much he will be demoted, but it will likely be less than the 10 years he would probably have been sentenced to.

Ten years is the maximum sentence for second degree manslaughter. There is no minimum.

Noor’s lawyers said he was scared when the 40-year-old yoga instructor showed up with a “bang” on the window of his patrol car.

Ms. Damond called 911, the American equivalent of her 000, claiming that she heard a woman scream in her alley near her home.

She feared it was a s*xual assault and fled when the police car came and approached from behind.

Noor pulled the trigger and killed her on the scene. He never testified or questioned the police.

The only information from her attorneys about her was that even though she was unarmed, she could be afraid of him.

Damond had called the police after hearing a woman scream near her home. As he approached the police vehicle, Noor shot him from the passenger seat.

There is no body camera on set, but it happened later when Noor’s partner told him to “shut up”.

The Supreme Court judges ruled that the “corrupt mind” part of the murder charge was inappropriate.

His attorney for him focused on the legal wording of the “corrupt mind” section of the Attorney, which claims that he acted in ways that endangered “others”.

His attorneys for him have claimed that it was not because he was a police officer and was doing his duty to him.

“Noor fulfilled his duties as an officer, acted in a split second and directed his actions towards a specific person so that his partner’s life was not in danger in an ambush,” he said. .

The Supreme Court justices agreed. The victim’s family has yet to respond to the court ruling.

In defense of the trial, Noor’s lawyers claimed he was just doing his job.

Mr. Noor responded to a dark alley in the middle of the night, a squad shot, a voice, a dead body appearing in the driver’s window, Officer Harrity’s disturbing announcement when he grabbed his gun and his remark that the person at the window had his right arm raised.

“A prison sentence only punishes Mr. Noor for a culture that he did not create and which he obviously wanted to change.

“What really caused this (tragedy) is the fear that continues to permeate our society.

“The police are afraid of people, people are afraid of the police,” said attorney Thomas Blunkett.

Ms. Damond’s family won $ 20 million in compensation from the city of Minneapolis after filing a manslaughter lawsuit.

Her boyfriend Don Damond sentenced the Minneapolis Police Department last year for doing nothing to change the culture within the department following Derek Chauvin’s death of George Floyd.

Aside from the body camera guidelines, can you comment on what has changed? Can you report something that has changed? I can’t, “she said in an interview last year.