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Who is Justin Soriano ( Man, 40, hunted by NYPD ‘for shooting dead heavily pregnant ex-girlfriend in front of her children ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Crime, Incident details, Investigations and More Facts

Justin Soriano

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New York police photographed a man who wanted to shoot a 31-year-old pregnant woman who was killed in front of her two children after her baptism.

Justin Soriano, 40, reportedly fired the shot that killed Shanice Young in her Harlem home di lei at 1:16 pm. This was announced on Sunday by the New York police.

Young was shot in the head as he tried to end an argument between her di lei ex di lei, presumably Soriano, and her di lei new boyfriend di lei, who was the father of her unborn child.

Young was carrying her christening gifts into the lobby of her apartment building at 300 West 128 Street in Harlem, New York when the argument broke out.

“[The shooter] came after his friend of him,” José Morales, manager of the young building, told the Daily News. “You walked here, crossed and down here.”

The deceased mother’s family told PIX 11 that their ex-boyfriend was following them and waiting outside their apartment di lei.

There were no arrests until Tuesday evening.

“I helped her put the presents in the car and said, ‘See you tomorrow,” her father Thurman Young, 57, told the News of her father di lei.

“She Should have her baby di lei in five days. She said, “This baby will be here in five days, Dad, get ready.” I said: “I’ll be ready”.

The young woman had passed out and passed out when the police arrived on the scene and was pronounced dead in Harlem hospital.

The woman’s family told ABC 7 that their daughters di lei, aged 15 and six, witnessed the shooting and saw her mother being loaded into an ambulance.

Shanice’s sister, Metania, posted on her Facebook page: “Honey, I can’t ………. My sister is really gone.
“If I had known last night that I was going to see you for the last time, I would have stayed, you would be alive,” she wrote in a subsequent post.

“I can’t believe I’ll let him do this to you.”

Young’s brother Teddy posted photos of the shower on his Facebook page di lui on Sunday night.

“Tonight was beautiful, little S can come #family now,” he wrote.

“I’m not going to tag you because a picture is worth a thousand words, I love you,” he wrote the next day in an article flooded with comments expressing his condolences for her.

“Come on, Fam, we have to do better,” wrote Young’s friend Shari Logan on Facebook. “#ShaniceYoung from Harlem was pregnant and was killed by Ex after the baby shower.”

“She was totally # crazy and # useless.”

“It was a beautiful night,” Young’s father told News of the baby shower. “My daughter and I danced, we danced father-daughter and I cut the cake… It was full. We had music, lots of food, lots of drinks.

“This was an unnecessary shooting,” Harlem Hospital chaplain Robert Rice told PIX. “I am very angry and angry. I shouldn’t be angry as a member of the clergy, but it touched my heart.