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Justin Bannan

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Former NFL lineman Justin Bannan was convicted of attempted murder and first-degree assault after shooting an acupuncturist in Colorado in 2019.

The former Denver Broncos player, 41, was convicted of the October 2019 shooting by a jury on Friday after reflecting on his fate for eight hours.

Bannon told police he was being chased by the Russian mob when he shot Ashley Marie in the shoulder when he opened his acupuncture room on October 16, 2019. He owned part of the building that housed Marie’s living room and knew her as a passenger. known.

He pleaded not guilty to insanity during his hearing in Boulder, Colorado. But the jury agreed with prosecutors’ claims that Bannan was not insane at the time of the shooting and acted erratically simply because he was high, and investigators believed he had recently used cocaine.

Bannon, a 12-year NFL veteran, was sentenced to between 16 and 48 years in prison for four crimes, including attempted murder. He was arrested shortly after his conviction on Friday and will be sentenced on November 5.

Bannan’s defense team says he suffered from chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE, a brain injury typically seen in people with a history of concussions he allegedly developed during his football career.

He told police in his affidavit that he suffered from hydrocephalus, which Fox 31 says can lead to loss of thinking skills, among other things.

Bannan’s attorney, Harvey Steinberg, told the judge his client may need brain surgery. We do not know why.

He also compared his client to a “gladiator” who had been damaged by his football career and told jurors in his closing statement: “In Roman times people came to cheer on gladiators. And they were great.

“And when they were done with them, as you know historically, they gave them to the lions.”

Bannan chose not to testify during the eight-day trial.

He was also convicted of first degree assault and first degree theft, according to Fox 31.

Bannan’s victim, Marie, also sued him in civil court for pain and suffering, and Bannan filed for a stay until his criminal case was resolved.

Marie’s attorney, Marc Harden, plans to file a counterclaim now to move the case forward.

“We see this as a revitalization that we can maybe leave behind for a very, very, very long time,” Harden told Fox 31.

Marie agreed and said, “I think it is unfair and unacceptable for Mr. Bannan to delay accountability for his action.

If the judge allows the postponement, your case could be postponed for years.

“It’s frustrating for Ashley,” said Harden, “it can take many years to fully resolve the criminal case, and frankly, the civil proceedings are long.”