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Jonathan Newell

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A Maryland judge committed suicide on Friday morning when police arrested him for s*xually abusing children.

Jonathan Newell, 50, has been on leave since July after a boy told his parents he found a hidden camera in the shower at Newell’s fisherman’s hut where he lived.

An investigation was opened and digital devices with photos of young children were confiscated, but not all of the photos were confiscated before Newell could eat one of the memory cards which was later identified in his stomach.

The photos of teens in the shower are from September 2014, and a clip shows Newell touching a young man’s naked body and spreading his buttocks, which he described to them as looking for ticks.

Officials arrived at his home in Henderson, 70 miles east of Baltimore on Friday morning.

“When they entered the residence, officers found Newell with what appeared to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound,” said Jonathan Lenzner, acting attorney for Maryland.

“He was pronounced dead at 6:43 am.

“Maryland Police are investigating an apparent suicide.”

A neighbor, Kimberly Maddison Keith, posted photos of the scene on Facebook.

He wrote: “Wow, this is finally happening … this morning at 6:10 am the FBI shouted at the Judges House to be heard.

“After several attempts, we hear a thunderbolt and they enter. And then, in our opinion, we could have done 2 more recordings.

“Now an ambo and other police cars. I’m pretty sure he won’t make it out alive. The two have just left! I felt a bullet in the head through the screw!

“I am so sorry for your family who thank goodness are not at home but their dogs were in the yard!”

Newell, a federal judge since 2016 and a district attorney since 2003, has been reported to police by concerned parents.

Two young children spent the night at Newell’s cabin in Fishing Creek, Md., 70 miles south of Newell’s home.

One of the children told his parents he had found a hidden camera.

He also said that an adult man and four other children also stayed at home and left early in the morning.

Police searched the property and found several cameras in the showers.

They spoke to seven teenagers born between 2002 and 2007 about their relationship with Newell and told investigators Newell would force them to undress so they could “look for ticks.”

Newell told police 10 “members” had access to the booth and they “came and went.”

Newell denied ever seeing or putting a camera in the bathroom, telling officers, “Like I said, there were six other people here.”

Then he told them he had to go to the bathroom and they saw him try to swallow a memory card. Then the doctors confirmed the presence of a metallic object in the stomach.

According to CBS Baltimore, investigators found a hard drive in a safe in Newell’s apartment that showed videos of children showering.

“In some videos, you can see Newell installing the camera in the bathroom,” the affidavit states.

A federal criminal complaint was filed on September 9, and the police went to arrest him the next day.

Newell’s Facebook page was taken down, but it contained a number of posts about child care, according to The Sun.

He posted photos of the cabin and wrestling matches, and in March 2020, he spoke of interacting with a 13-year-old neighbor during the pandemic.

He believes that children “above all need physical contact”.

“To cheer him up, I usually teased him, patted his shoulder, ruffled his sweaty hair and maybe even patted my butt a bit,” Newell wrote.

“I think guys especially need physical contact (pinch, hit, pinch), it’s part of the way they communicate and show affection, even if it leads to an argument every now and then.”