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Joan Meyer

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Joan Meyer, an Ohio woman who worked as a schoolteacher in Washington, DC was arrested Friday for s*xually abusing a boy from 2009 to 2014, from the age of 14.

According to the WLJA, a commissioned reporter from Two Rivers Public Charter School alerted authorities to the relationship between Joan Meyer, 45, and the victim named “Z.J.” Last year. in the documents. Z.J. It was reported in emails that he had s*x with Meyer which started at the age of 14.

An investigation found that the alleged relationship had been the subject of two previous investigations by the Youth Department in 2010 and 2012. Allegations were also made in two rivers in 2010 and at another school in 2012. During the first survey, the students, Meyer and ZJ Holding hands in an alley near the school – and Z.J. Kiss the professor twice on the cheek, according to the news agency.

During the same investigation, employees reportedly said that there had been “intimate encounters” between Meyer and the student. However, the police ended their investigations and the two internal investigations were qualified as “unfounded”.

Meyer reportedly told police she had s*x with Z.J. in 2013 and 2015, starting weeks after his 18th birthday. Z.J. Police told police last year their relationship began in 2007, when he was 12, after his mother asked Meyer to drive him to school and they bonded over through books and essays. Z.J. said their s*xual relationship started two years later, the news agency said.

Z.J. reportedly told Meyer how he s*xually assaulted her in his van and at home. Meyer’s husband is said to have caught the boy twice in the house. Marijuana and alcohol were reportedly consumed during the illegal clashes.

The relationship ended in 2014, but Z.J. and Meyer reconciled in 2018. The couple broke up a year later.

According to WJLA, Z.J. had sent Meyer a text message implying that he would report it to the police. Meyer and his lawyer once again showed font texts in which Z.J. threatened to find her and called her a “dirty woman”. Meyer also claimed Z.J. sent text messages asking for s*x.

Shaker Heights City School District officials said Meyer was a media specialist at the library at Onaway Elementary School in Ohio. According to WOIO, none of the allegations arose while Meyer was working in elementary school.

Joan Meyer Charges

Meyer has been charged with child s*xual abuse. She is currently on paid administrative leave.