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Jerome Roman

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The suspected gang member, who was accused of shooting a senior Bronx police officer, was taken into custody without bail on Sunday when prosecutors announced he had been released on bail in an earlier possession case. ‘fire arms.

Jerome Roman, 26, an alleged member of the Lyman Place Bosses gang in Morrisania, was arrested on Friday after police said he shot a New York police lieutenant during a scuffle.

According to court documents, Roman had an ongoing lawsuit since Nov. 14, when he was confronted by police in the Bronx.

In the above case, Roman was charged with possession of a loaded firearm and posted bail of $ 30,000.

He was again caught with a gun just before midnight Friday when police on patrol realized he was holding the gun.

“He is currently under arrest after being found in possession of another loaded firearm,” prosecutor Cassie Perez said in court on Sunday.

“During the battle for this arrest, the accused refused to drop his gun and actually fired, hitting a uniformed NYPD lieutenant in the right ankle,” Perez said.

Several passers-by were nearby during the shooting, according to a court affidavit.

Roman is charged with multiple attempted murder and possession of weapons, as well as reckless danger and resisting arrest.

Roman, who still wore the same white jumpsuit he wore after his arrest, asked his family, brother, sister and sister-in-law to change their clothes before leaving the courtroom.

“I need clothes,” he cried. And cougar. New size, special GV “.

Roman has at least 25 previous busts, including the November holster.

According to police, he escaped after police noticed him. They caught up with him and there was a “tug of war,” Police Commissioner Dermot Shea said at a press conference on Saturday.

“Stop looking for him,” hears a policeman yelling at the gang member in the body camera recordings. “Stop looking for him, my friend.”

The unidentified lieutenant was shot in the ankle during the scuffle while other police officers arrested Roman without retaliating.

The injured policeman, a 23-year-old New York’s Finest veteran, underwent surgery at Jacobi Hospital Medical Center for a non-life-threatening injury and was released.

Police said Roman had a Smith & Wesson 12-shot 9mm pistol when he was arrested, but the pistol got stuck during the scuffle, Shea said.

Three other police officers were treated for bruises and minor bruises after their arrest, Shea said.

In the new case, Roman is expected to testify before a Bronx grand jury on Thursday, Bronx Judge John Clyne said in court.