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Who is James Murdock Peele ( Fort Bragg soldier sentenced more than 12-years in prison ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Crime details, Investigations and More Facts

James Murdock Peele

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A Fort Bragg soldier was sentenced to more than 12 years in prison on Tuesday for bringing a 12-year-old girl to have s*x across state lines after arranging for her kidnapping.

James Murdock Peele, a 22-year-old private member of the 82nd Airborne Division Support Brigade, pleaded guilty to transporting a minor with intent to engage in criminal s*xual activity and was sentenced to 151 months from prison.

A woman from the Carolina Pines area of ​​Craven County called authorities on October 21, 2018 to report her granddaughter missing. The woman said she discovered the girl’s bedroom window was open and a $ 20,000 ransom note was lying on her bed.

Investigators searched the girl’s Facebook account and found a page identifying Peele as her boyfriend. When the FBI found out he was stationed at Fort Bragg, they followed him to a room in the barracks where Agents Peele and the girl were together. A forensic investigation confirmed that Peele had recently had sex with her.

Another soldier told investigators Peele asked to be taken to his “girlfriend” in New Bern. He said Peele showed him a photo of the girl and claimed she was 18. When he brought Peele home, he told authorities he was concerned about her age after noticing childish decorations, including photos from high school and a hamster.

Peele then took the girl to live with her parents in South Carolina, where he introduced her as his girlfriend and claimed she worked in a tailoring shop, authorities said. Peele then took the girl to Fort Bragg after her sergeant called her and told her to return to the post office.

When FBI agents questioned the girl, she told them that she and Peele were in a s*xual relationship and that she had given Peele her actual age, but he said her age was only one. figure. She admitted to investigators that she was not kidnapped, but denied the idea of ​​organizing a kidnapping.

Peele admitted to having sex with the young girl and admitted to writing the ransom note, although she claimed the girl asked to accompany her and had an idea to arrange a kidnapping, said authorities. Peele said he believed the girl was 18, but admitted to seeing her at a sleepover with friends who looked very young, including a girl he saw aged 12. years.