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Army sgt. Jacob DiPietro one of first Christian troops to get religious exemption to grow hair, beard

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According to one report, a Florida Army sergeant is one of the first known Christian troops to receive a religious exemption that allows them to grow their hair and beard.

Sgt. Jacob DiPietro applied for the religious exemption in November 2019 because he observed the Nazarite vow of the Old Testament that “no razor may be used on your head” and that believers should “keep their hair long.” have to grow ”, he narrated task & purpose.

DiPietro’s motion to “have a beard and uncircumcised hair” was finally approved last week after Army officials confirmed that it was “based on a genuine religious belief,” the military publication said.

Similar exceptions were previously made for Sikhs, Muslims, and even Nordic pagans on duty – but DiPietro is one of the first known Christians to receive them, the outlet said.

But the victory turns out to be bittersweet.

DiPietro said the painful process of approval, as well as bullying by other soldiers, has determined him to retire when his contract ends next year.

“There are things I see that I don’t like … like the way soldiers are treated when they apply for an exemption from the policy while following Army regulations,” he told Task & Purpose.

“If a soldier follows the rules set by the army, he should be absolutely free from harassment discrimination.

Pentagon in Washington
Sgt. Jacob DiPietro is one of the first known Christians with one religious exception.
Charles Dharapak / AP, file

“I feel like there is still a culture that is honestly fearful and hates the different,” he said.

DiPietro was already in the army when he turned pious in “a really dark time” after serving in Kuwait in 2017, he said.

He told others seeking similar exceptions “not to give up” and “stand by your decision” – and insisted that it was too painful a process to go through without real need.

“If you’re trying to cup the system because you just don’t want to shave or just want your hair to grow out, I’m telling you now, it’s not going to work,” he told the online publication.



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