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Who is Jack Dunn ( Paedophile teacher, 24, who secretly filmed children in school toilets ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Victim Family, Arrest, Investigation and More Facts

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A teaching assistant Jack Dunn was spared jail after admitting he secretly filmed children in a primary school toilet for a week. The parents of the victims felt “physically ill”.

Jack Dunn Age

Jack Dunn, 24, used his iPhone to record seven videos of children over the course of a week, then took a series of screenshots of his 24 favorite moments.

He was caught when a child discovered the device was hanging over a cabin.

Parents of his victims said they felt “physically sick” when dealing with a mother. They feared that he would choose his job to gain perverse access to children.

Portsmouth Crown Court heard the 24-year-olds admitted to the washroom at Denmead Junior School in Hampshire in November 2019.

“I cannot express in words how much I felt physically sick and continue to feel,” said one parent, adding, “My confidence in school has been completely destroyed.

Another parent said she felt sick as soon as she found out her child was a victim.

Dunn selected his “highlights” from the videos he had recorded and took 24 screenshots of his favorite moments.

Parents fear the footage was uploaded to the dark internet or elsewhere before Dunn was captured.

“I will probably never answer these questions, but I will haunt my life forever,” one said.

Sentenced Judge David Melville QC said: “Parents send these kids to these schools because they believe the school environment is safe and you are doing it wrong and it is very serious.

The court heard the phone given to a teacher after its discovery, and then it was turned over to Principal Elaine Viner, who locked him up.

“The next day Mr Dunn was at school and acted rather suspiciously,” said prosecutor Adrian Fleming.

“He apparently went to get the phone and was seen rummaging in a box where the students left their phones.”

He added: “There was the most egregious breach of trust. We suggest that there was clearly a significant degree of planning and that clearly pictures were taken.”

Justice Melville handed down a 12-month sentence, suspended for two years, with 200 hours of unpaid work and a s*x offender treatment program.

The judge said he suspended the sentence due to Dunn’s age and the fact that he had never been convicted.

He also took into account the effects of Covid-19 in prisons and Dunn’s difficult education and family life, as his mother pointed out in a letter.

Dunn, from Horndean, Hampshire, was on a five-year s*xual injury prevention order and is required to sign the s*x offender register.

He admitted voyeurism and took indecent category C photos.

Damian Hayes, who defended himself, said his client was “ashamed” and added: “He is sorry for what he did this week in November 2019 and is very sorry for the hardships he suffered. . caused to children and parents of this school.

“He couldn’t explain his behavior.”


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