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Who is Ivette Leonetti ( Worker spots man on subway platform with gun ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Investigations and More Facts

Ivette Leonetti

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An MTA cleaning veteran was hailed as a “hero” after he used a gun to alert police to an out-of-state coat hanger while cleaning a platform in Lower Manhattan.

Ivette Leonetti, 54, of Brooklyn, was cleaning the platform at the World Trade Center / Cortlandt Street train station on Monday when she noticed the man on the bench had a gun on his waist.

Leonetti, the MTA’s housekeeper for almost 23 years, stayed calm and kept cleaning as she passed the man, a South Carolina native whom she called “carefree” and “polite”.

“I went on as usual and did my job until I had the chance to call and call him,” said Leonetti, an MTA cleaner for nearly 23 years.

“I said, ‘Oh, you smell good,’ and he said, ‘Thanks. I kept walking until I had room to go down the stairs. I called, then went back upstairs and kept moving, “he said.

“We received an immediate response from the police,” said Pat Warren, MTA security chief. “Nobody should carry a gun in the city and especially in the subway”.

Police searched 36-year-old David Taylor from Seneca, South Carolina just after 7 a.m. for criminal possession of a gun, New York police said.

Leonetti, mother of two teenagers, said her exploits equated to one day’s work.

“I always look around and see what is happening at the station,” he says.

“I’m used to all of this. I just know when to go and when to get close to her … I think that’s the smart way in me. “”