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Who is Hayley Close Hallmark ( Florida Middle School Teacher Accused Of Having S*x With Student ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Arrest, Investigation and More Facts

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A Florida college teacher Hayley Close Hallmark was arrested after police said she had two years of s*x with a student.

Hayley Close Hallmark Age

Hayley Close Hallmark, 35, was arrested on Friday and charged by a person in authority with indecent and lascivious behavior towards a student. She is being held in the Okaloosa County Jail with no obligation.

The 17-year-old opened up about his relationship with Hallmark to a high school teacher. The teacher reported it to the school’s resource officer on Thursday.

The student told an Okaloosa deputy sheriff the relationship started in August 2017 when she was in eighth grade. It started with texting, evolved into s*xting and became physical in 2018, according to court documents.

The student said she and Hallmark have had multiple s*xual relationships in Hallmark classrooms and in each of their homes. She gave an investigator access to her cell phone, where court documents confirmed there was an inappropriate relationship.

Hallmark was taken on administrative leave. She teaches history at Ruckel College in Niceville. She also coaches the school dance team and is the assistant coach of the girls’ soccer team. While working in Pensacola, she was named Escambia County Social Teacher of the Year in 2011.

No Hallmark attorneys were on the prison records.


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