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Gerardo Posadas

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Chicago police arrested Gerardo Posadas, 25, after footage emerged of him attempting to kidnap a teenager from his mother last week.

The Chicago Police Department has arrested Posadas at least five times, with the first incident dating back to 2014. Surveillance footage showed Posadas approaching a mother and daughter last week. Police say he initially offered $ 150 to “buy” the girl.

When her mother refused her, Posadas tried to take her girlfriend by grabbing her hair. The mother pulled her daughter back and managed to escape, and Posadas fled the scene.

Records show that Posadas was first arrested in 2014 at the age of 18 for defacing the property. He was arrested again in 2017 for criminal sale or possession of a deadly weapon.

His next arrest was in 2020 at the age of 23, with police accusing him of reckless behavior. His penultimate arrest was in 2021 for domestic battery and assault.

Posadas was arrested on Friday on kidnapping charges. Police released him at Cook County Jail Monday and is expected to make his first court appearance on Thursday.