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Who is Francine Blair Bogumil ( Florida lawyer accused of ramming car ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Crime, Incident details, Investigations and More Facts

Florida lawyer jailed after ramming SUV into ex-husband's house.

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A Florida attorney was jailed after ramming his truck at her ex-husband’s home, threatening to kill his girlfriend and, according to a report, spat on the sheriff’s deputy.

Francine Blair Bogumil, 40, was driving her Land Rover in the back of a GMC Yukon parked in her ex-husband’s driveway around 3 a.m. on April 30, 2020, the Miami Herald reported, citing court documents. He had left his 5 and 11 year old sons at home alone.

The troop slammed the Yukon into their ex-husband’s garage door and opened it about 2 to 3 feet, according to records.

When Bogumil’s ex-husband left home, he saw her throw objects at his girlfriend’s BMW and break windows, according to the report. He told MPs that he called ambulance and tried to get between Bogumil and his girlfriend. He reportedly hit Bogumil once after she hit him twice.

Bogumil yelled at the girl: “I’ll kill you, bitch!”

When an Orange County sheriff’s deputy approached and told him to stop screaming, Bogumil said, “No, fuck you!” and spat on him, according to the report.

Days after her arrest, Bogumil got out and texted her ex-husband and ex-girlfriend in violation of an injunction, court documents show.

The report alleged that Bogumil told the girl, “Your mom and dad are next. I would shit again if I were you. I’m just saying. You were warned to stay away from my children.”

She was also accused of preparing missing people flyers with a photo of her ex-husband for her two children.

One of Bogumil’s messages to her ex-husband said, “You can blame yourself because I ONLY start with how to fuck you … I’ll ruin your world if you don’t.” above. Time. Fuck. It’s getting ugly. “”

Bogumil has been charged with a number of serious attacks with a lethal weapon, a number of attacks on a law enforcement officer, a number of domestic violence attacks, two domestic violence injunction violations, and two compensation cases. .

It is being served 51 weeks in Orange County Jail after the charges were not disputed.

Bogumil has since been suspended from the bar and Judge Daryl Jay Isenhower has recommended his permanent disqualification.


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