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Fernando Munera

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The Harlem woman, who was reportedly killed by her “controlling” ex-boyfriend.

A court order banned Fernando Munera, 26, from contacting or seeing Alayna Hardy, 27, when he entered his apartment on 115th Street at around 8:45 p.m. Police and sources said Wednesday after an unsuccessful attempt to enter an emergency exit earlier.

Munera allegedly escaped once inside the house and stabbed her former lover multiple times on the body and neck.

Hardy, a native of Arizona who moved to the Big Apple in 2015, did his best to fight his attacker and stabbed him in the chest and neck before police responded to the massacre.

“I heard a woman cry loudly,” said a neighbor who lives across the street and who knew the couple. “And then nothing.”

Hardy died shortly after in the Metropolitan Hospital, police said.

Munera was taken to Harlem hospital in critical condition and later charged with murder, robbery and criminal contempt, police said.

“She was fantastic,” Hardy’s mother Anitra Crandall said Thursday morning when she sobbed and declined to comment.

Court documents detail Munera’s alleged volatility vis-à-vis Hardy.

He was arrested on February 13 on suspicion of locking Hardy in his apartment, picking up his phone so he couldn’t call emergency services, knocking on his door and destroying various household items.

Suspect charged for ?

He was charged with unlawful detention, criminal calamity and second degree criminal harassment. A judge has issued a temporary protection order against him, preventing him from seeing or communicating with Hardy, court documents show.

Munera was scheduled to appear in court on Thursday morning, hours after allegedly murdering her former lover.

Hardy’s cousin Madison Elder said the murdered woman, who moved to the Big Apple in 2015, had a real zest for life.

“He loved New York for all of its options, its life, its culture, its art, its food and its people,” the elder told The Post. “She was made for New York, always made friends wherever she went, always had endless energy and excitement to explore, and always enjoyed everything the city had to offer her. I went to school to be a medical assistant. ”

But Hardy also suffered extreme ups and downs during his tumultuous relationship with Munera, the neighbors recall.

Police were called to Hardy’s home five times last July over domestic incidents, police sources said, and a neighbor who was with the couple described Munera as “controlling” and “jealous” and added that he they were “anger issues” “.

Others said the couple were seen together doing laundry, walking a dog and riding Munera’s motorcycle and were “very much in love”.

Construction workers and neighbors said Munera and Hardy were in a constant cycle of parting and getting back together.

“Over the past year they fought, then they fell in love, then they fought,” George Ayre, the facility manager, told The Post.

On the day of Hardy’s murder, neighbor Noel Enrique Bermúdez said he saw Munera pacing up and down First Avenue, cursing himself and “shooting a bullet” with his hands.

He was talking to himself and said, ‘I can’t, bitch, this f-g c-t. I can’t believe this bitch did it, “Bermudez recalls.

“I saw the anger in his eyes.”

But barely an hour and a half later, another club saw the couple cross First Avenue on Munera’s motorcycle.

“They were happy. They were both riding bicycles, kissing and taking pictures. He left his parking lot for me on First Avenue,” the local said.

“They were always together like two lovebirds.”