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What you don’t Know about Felipe Vazquez ? Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Victim, Arrest, Investigation and More Facts

Felipe Vazquez Biography                                     Felipe Vazquez Wiki

Felipe Vazquez, the former Major League pitcher who was on two dozen offenses for allegedly having s*xual relations with a 13-year-old girl, referred to prosecutors as his “slave” and “possession” of his pending trial in Pennsylvania, according to prosecutor’s office.

In his own defense, the two-time Pittsburgh Pirates All-Star took a stand on Wednesday, saying the alleged victim first told him she was 17 when they started interacting on social media in 2017.

Vazquez claimed he asked her to prove her age after several weeks of electronic exchanges between the two and said she sent him a digital photo of a Pennsylvania ID that appeared to show she was 17, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Years old.

The alleged victim, who is now 17, recently testified in court that she had not done anything like that.

Other messages presented in court seem to show Vazquez acknowledging her youth by repeatedly referring to her as a “child”.

The helper asked the alleged victim to “grow up” in one message and asked if she would “stop being a child” in another message.

In 2019, after sending him a digital photo of herself in her underwear, Vazquez reportedly replied, “Wow, look at you. No longer the only little kid I met three years ago. ‘

She also referred to him as “Papi”, “Daddy” and “Bae” on the news.

The girl’s mother testified in court that she notified police after the family moved to Florida in 2019 when she discovered text messages between her daughter and Vazquez.

His name was listed as “Justin (school)” on the alleged victim’s phone.

Vazquez has been detained at Westmoreland County Prison, Pennsylvania, since his arrest in September 2019, including legal s*xual assault, indecent assault on anyone under the age of 16, corruption of a minor, and unlawful contact with a minor.

He is also being prosecuted in Missouri and Florida on these allegations, but these cases are still pending.

The alleged victim told the court earlier this week that she and Vazquez had s*x in his car in 2017 when she was only 13 years old. Vazquez was scheduled to play in a pirate home game hours later that night.

She reportedly started crying when she told the court that Vazquez briefly pierced her in his car outside her parents’ house.

Much of the evidence presented in court on Wednesday was found on Vazquez’s seized electronic devices, which contained nude pictures and videos, as well as s*xual conversations.

According to police, Vazquez had specifically requested the videos and photos.

He was arrested in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, on charges in Florida in September 2019, where the alleged victim’s family had moved. Local prosecutors had requested that Vazquez be extradited to Florida, but a judge denied the request.

Pennsylvania authorities began investigating Vazquez in August 2019 after being contacted by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. The alleged victim’s mother contacted Florida officials after learning of a suspected s*xual relationship between Vazquez and her daughter.

According to an incident report from the Lee County Sheriff’s Office, the two originally met at PNC Park in Pittsburgh, where they were photographed together in front of the bullpen when they were 13.

“Shortly after she found him on social media and it escalated from there,” the report read.

Vazquez told police he drove to meet the girl in Scottdale, Pennsylvania, in 2017 when he was 13. He said he pulled her pants down and tried to have s*x with her, but told police he then left because he had to attend a game that night, according to the complaint.

He admitted to continuing to text the girl and even told state troops that he had only received explicit photos of her in July 2019.

According to a criminal complaint published by the Pennsylvania State Police at the time of the arrest, the all-star turnkey “initially claimed he refused to communicate with her because of her age,” and said she was under 16, which the age corresponds to the approval in the state.

Regarding the 2017 incident, investigators said Vazquez invited her into his Ford Mustang and pulled her pants down before allegedly placing her on his lap and “attempting to use his penis to enter her vagina.” gen, but was unsuccessful “.


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