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Who is Fatima Negrini ( One of the oldest people in world to get Covid-19 vaccine ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Family and More Facts

Fatima Negrini Biography                                         Fatima Negrini Wiki

A 108-year-old Italian woman Fatima Negrini is one of the oldest people in the world who was vaccinated against Covid-19 months after surviving a coronavirus infection.

Fatima Negrini scheduled to turn 109 on June 3

Fatima Negrini, who is scheduled to turn 109 on June 3, received the blow on Monday along with other residents of the Anni Azzurri San Faustino nursing home in Milan, Italy.

“The arrival of the vaccine for you and all guests and staff is a moment of great happiness and a first step towards a return to a peaceful everyday life within the company,” said Matteo Tessarollo.

When Negrini, who was born two years before the start of World War I, rattled the virus last year, the Corriere della Sera newspaper quoted her as saying, “God forgot me”.

“He [God] didn’t call me,” she told Deutsche Welle at the time. “I still have good deeds to do even though I’m in a wheelchair

Italy started vaccinating against the coronavirus on December 27 and has vaccinated 1.15 million people since then.

Sami Modiano, a 90-year-old Holocaust survivor from Rome

Sami Modiano, a 90-year-old Holocaust survivor from Rome, received a vaccine on Monday, according to regional president and center-left Democratic Party leader Nicola Zingaretti.

Zingaretti posted a photo of Modiano, who received the stitch on Twitter, calling it “an image of trust and hope for all”.

The positive decision comes from the fact that the number of Covid-19 cases in Italy has decreased in the last few days.

The daily number of new infections fell from 12,545 in the country on Monday to 8,824, while 377 coronavirus-related deaths were recorded – the same as the day before, according to the health ministry.

However, the number of swab tests also decreased, as is often the case on weekends, and was only 158,674 from the previous 211,078.

Italy has recorded 82,554 deaths from COVID-19 since the epidemic broke out last February. This is the second highest death toll in Europe and the sixth worldwide. The country has also reported 2.39 million cases so far.


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