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Erica Dotson

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  • Erica Dotson, 27, and Joshua Manns, 25, charged with first degree murder
  • Manns reportedly called Dotson on June 11 and told him that Jameson had drowned.
  • A trial date has not been set, but both are also charged with serious child abuse.

A mother and her boyfriend were charged with assaulting their three-year-old son for weeks before killing him when prosecutors called for the death penalty.

Erica Dotson, 27, and Joshua Manns, 25, were charged with first degree murder following the death of Dotson’s son Jameson Nance in July.

On August 19, prosecutors filed a death penalty petition against the couple who investigators say are responsible for the boy’s death, according to Click Orlando.

Prosecutors called the murder “particularly heinous, heinous and cruel” and said it was committed after the boy was assaulted.

A trial date has not been set, but in addition to murder charges, the two face exacerbated abuse and neglect from a child with grievous bodily harm.

Manns reportedly called Dotson on June 11 and told him that Jameson had drowned in the tub.

But when he returned to his apartment in West Melbourne, Florida, he found Manns was nowhere in sight and had never sought medical help.

Instead, authorities said he left her a handwritten note saying he had a seizure while Jameson was in the tub, which drowned him.

Authorities said he wrote in the letter: “No one would believe him and he didn’t want to spend his life in prison for something he didn’t do.”

However, the coroner found no evidence the boy drowned and said he actually suffered from battered child syndrome, which suffered injuries weeks ago including a broken rib. a blow to the head and a swollen back.

The autopsy later revealed that the boy had been assaulted at least three weeks before his death, according to an affidavit.

The coroner said there were clear signs of bleeding and bruising, which police said were in various stages of recovery.

Jameson also suffered a broken leg last March, and the Florida Department of Child and Family Services investigated another broken leg when he was just 1 year old, according to WESH.

And shortly before her death, the service visited her daycare to examine “suspicious injuries” like burn marks on her arm.

Manns was arrested in Georgia on June 29 and Dotson on July 13.

The police believe he knew the abuse was taking place and did nothing to protect the boy.