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Who is Dickson Ngaunde ( Man 27, filmed himself while raping teen 19 ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Crime, Incident details, Investigations and More Facts

''Dickson Ngaunde'' monster who raped teen 19.

Dickson Ngaunde Biography                   Dickson Ngaunde Wiki

A monster who was filmed raping an unconscious 19-year-old girl and a sophomore attacking three girls has been in jail for 37 years.

Dickson Ngaunde, 27, was captured after police discovered the sick video on his cell phone.

He was also surprised by the CCTV, as he laughed at the victim’s drunkenness after raping her.

Ngaunde and his friend Amos Ocheng, 51, treated and exploited at-risk girls in Preston in 2019.

One of the victims attempted suicide while another was left homeless after the horrific abuse.

All of the victims were given alcohol and drugs, which they said sounded “strange”.

One of them said, “My eyes were out of focus. I sat on the bed and the next thing I did was wake up naked.”

Ocheng was detained for 27 years after being convicted of raping three girls aged 14 to 19.

He was also convicted of three human trafficking offenses and three drug delivery cases following a trial in Preston Crown Court.

The jury heard that the bully was infected with HIV, but luckily did not infect any of his victims.

Ngaunde was sentenced to ten years in prison for raping the 19-year-old.

They told the court that the depraved couple used pseudonyms and rental cars to hide.

Vulnerable girls were taken to nursing homes and taken across the country before mistreating them.

But they ended up getting involved in a large police investigation called Operation Commando.

Even after being accused, the monsters lied and said the girls were okay with it; Ocheng said he believed the victims were older.

Chief Detective Inspector Steve Holgate, who was in charge of operations, said: These two men were based on a model in which vulnerable young women are friends for a reason, their sexual gratification.

“First of all, I want to salute the courage of the young women who spoke out against these crimes and followed the trial. It might not have been an easy experience to relive what was done to them, but these beliefs would not have been possible without them and I am grateful for what they did.

“I am also grateful for the work done by the prosecution and the lawyer in securing these convictions, as well as the trial jury, who carefully reviewed the evidence and returned the guilty verdicts.

“We encourage anyone who has been s*xually assaulted to get in touch. The decision to report an attack is an extremely personal one, but we want to assure people that any report they send us will be taken very seriously and that we will investigate in a sensitive and supportive manner.

“We provide support and work with you to make sure you get the right help from the right services.”


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