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Who is Danyal Hussein ( Man accused of stabbing two sisters ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Family, Arrest, Investigation and More Facts

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A teenager Danyal Hussein killed two sisters Bibaa Henry and Nicole Smallman in a brutal knife attack after seeking a deal with the devil to “sacrifice” women to win the lottery, a court heard earlier today.

Danyal Hussein Age

Danyal Hussein, 19, reportedly stabbed Nicole Smallman, 27, and Bibaa Henry, 46, several times in Wembley, north-west London, in the early hours of June 6th last year.

Earlier that night Mrs. Henry had celebrated her birthday with her sister and friends at Fryent Country Park. The corpses of the women were entangled and found hidden in a hedge the next day.

Police allegedly discovered a handwritten note in Hussein’s house claiming they had made a deal with a demon to “sacrifice” women for profit. The defendant also bought lottery tickets, three of which were folded in the note, the jury said.

At the opening of Hussein’s murder trial at the Old Bailey, Attorney General Oliver Glasgow told QC how the women had chosen to go to the park due to restrictions during the initial lockdown.

He said the sisters had so much fun they decided to stay after their guests left and lit fairy lights, listened to music, and danced.

When they didn’t get home, loved ones became worried and some of their closest friends went back to the park to look.

Police were alerted after the seekers discovered the women’s glasses. Moments later, a knife was found lying in the grass.


A trail of flattened grass led to the “shocking” discovery of the bodies, Glasgow said. The prosecutor said the women were “slaughtered” one at a time.

He described the scene: “The bodies of Bibaa Henry and Nicole Smallman were lying on their sides, they were head to toe and their limbs entwined, both had been repeatedly stabbed and they were clearly dead.

‘The attack on her was brutal and devastating.’

Mrs. Henry was stabbed eight times and Mrs. Smallman 28 times, the jury heard.

Mr Glasgow suggested that Ms. Henry be surprised and overwhelmed first, then Ms. Smallman tried to fend off her attacker.

“After the two sisters were brutally murdered, their killer dragged their bodies across the grass and hid them in a hedge,” he said.

The court heard that a combination of forensic evidence and CCTV footage led the police to see Hussein.

His DNA was on the scene, on the bodies of the victims and on a blood-stained knife that was found nearby, it said.

In addition, Hussein is said to have bought a knife set in Asda and was hospitalized the day after the murders with cuts in his hand by a knife.

Investigators also discovered handwritten notes in the defendant’s home detailing his intention to kill women “as part of a victim for personal gain,” Glasgow said.

He told the jury, “While searching the defendant’s bedroom, the police found a handwritten document that allegedly was an agreement between the defendant and a demon promising to sacrifice women to win the lottery and not suspect anyone become.” Crime he committed.

“The defendant apparently had confidence that his plan would work because after the fatal attacks on Bibaa Henry and Nicole Smallman, the defendant bought several lottery tickets and three folded lottery tickets in the agreement he had written with the devil.”

Mr Glasgow added: “As it turns out, the demon was not good as not only did the defendant fail to win the lottery, but the police identified any evidence linking him to these two murders.”

Hussein, from Blackheath, southeast London, has denied the double homicide and possession of a knife.

The trial before Ms. Justice Whipple is said to take up to four weeks.

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