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Who is Dan Bauman ( Parent accused of abusing student at Fort Lauderdale High in apparent mask dispute ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Arrest, Investigation and More Facts

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The parent Dan Bauman of a Fort Lauderdale high student was arrested outside of school Wednesday morning and charged with serious child molestation.

Dan Bauman Age

Fort Lauderdale police say Dan Bauman, 50, was with his daughter shortly before 7:30 am “when she tried to enter the school gate without a mask,” in violation of Broward County’s school district policy.

“Bauman videotaped other students on his phone and caused a glitch at the gate,” said Sgt. DeAnna Greenlaw said in an email. “One of the students (victims) didn’t want to be filmed. The student tried to grab Bauman’s cell phone. He responded by pushing the student backwards into the fence. ”

Authorities say Bauman, who was already known to officials from previous disturbances when protesting the face mask policy, was arrested and taken to BSO mail jail to face child molestation charges.

He is accused of poking the student on the shoulder and grabbing her hand and “aggressively twisting her arm,” according to the arrest report.

Part of the incident was captured on camera as guards pulled Bauman away from the student.

Covering the events on video, Bauman’s daughter said:

“We only talked to the adults, whoever was in charge, right? And then a teenage girl in a mask just came up to [my father] and just picked up the phone, ”she said. “He tried to get it back from her. I think it was planned because all the cops, all the adults, surrounded him, grabbed him and insisted he attack them.

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