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Who is Damien Simmons ( Husband accused of murdering his estranged wife by setting her on fire ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Crime, Incident details, Investigations and More Facts

Damien Simmons

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A jealous, controlled man accused of killing his ex-wife by setting her on fire, admitted he had secretly installed a spy camera to “save” his marriage.

Damien Simmons, 45, allegedly ran over Denise Keane-Simmons with gasoline and set him on fire on April 16 last year at her home in Harlesden, north London.

Ms. Keane-Simmons, 36, suffered severe burns and died in the hospital.

Not long before, Simmons reportedly posted a nude photo of his wife on Instagram.

While examining her phone, police also found footage of a camera on a light bulb installed in the victim’s bedroom, the court heard.

During his testimony at the Old Bailey on Friday, Simmons admitted that he was a “controlling” and “jealous” husband who mistreated his wife after their relationship “went downhill”.

Judy Khan QC defended herself and said, “Why did you have the bright camera?”

Simmons said, “To see who I was talking to, you know?” I might try to save my marriage because I knew a lot of people were talking to her.

When she was asked why she hadn’t spoken to her directly, she replied, “I tried, but she was still busy.”

The court heard that Simmons also installed a voice recorder to record the conversations between Ms. Keane-Simmons and her friend.

The former Trinidad and Tobago oil industry worker previously described how he met Keane-Simmons on Facebook after his first wife died of sepsis in 2014.

Ms. Keane-Simmons first visited it in February 2018 for the Trinidad Carnival.

After getting married in 2019, she sold her car, land and sheep for around £ 10,000 so that she could join her in London.

Initially, the relationship was “somewhat good”, although Simmons said there was “an argument or two”.

The defendant admitted that he was jealous of his wife’s “twists and turns” and “obscene dancing” at parties.

Ms. Khan asked, “Did you expect Denise to change when she married you?” ”

Simmons said, “Yeah, I’m okay with not being bothered by people, not going to all the parties, being more at home with my family and doing things as a family.”

In January last year, the relationship “got worse” with the fighting, he said.

Simmons, who has worked in landscape and painting for money, said he “controls” his wife’s money and the freedom to talk and hang out with men.

He started drinking and was “upset, everything went wrong in my marriage,” he told him.

Simmons left the family home and lived with his grandmother, whom he called “mother”.

On February 13 last year, police were called to the victim’s home following a complaint of indecent assault.

Ms. Khan said, “Do you agree to follow Denise? ”

Simmons replied: “Yes, I was. In short, all you have to do is ask us to find out, meet and have fun.

Of his state of mind about her at that moment, she said, “I was heartbroken, completely broken for losing my wife. I lost my family. ‘

Simmons admitted manslaughter and the disclosure of personal and s*xual photos with the intent to cause distress.

He denies murder, arson and voyeurism.