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Cody Edwards

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The man accused of killing a young mother of three in her home has been identified as her new boyfriend.

South Australian Police have found the body of Synamin Bell, 26, at her home in Millicent, south-east South Australia, after police were called to the property just after 11pm on Saturday.


Investigators arrested Cody Edwards, 25, at the scene after calling the police themselves. The couple are believed to have only recently started their relationship.

In a photo taken in recent weeks, Mr Edwards smiled as he hugged Ms Bell, who wore thick-rimmed dark glasses and had long hair tied behind her head.

Ms Bell’s neighbor said she saw Ms Bell sitting on her steps with another woman in the hours before she died.

Mrs Bell was due to start her medical studies while trying to treat her immunocompromised daughter.

“Synamin dreamed of giving his children the life and opportunities we all hope for,” a friend wrote on GoFundMe to help with the funeral costs.

“Her goal was to go into medicine to help [her daughter] through her struggles and to help her have the best chance at a fulfilling life.

“She did her best with limited resources and support, trying to be the best mother she could be.”

An elderly neighbor of Ms Bell said she saw her sitting with a friend outside the door of her Poole Street flat at around 7pm. m and I went to bed around 11 p.m. Mr.

“The first time we heard about it was when we opened the shutters at half past seven in the morning and there were police cars and people everywhere.

“When the detective came to question me today, he told me the children were with their grandmother when it all happened.”

Coroner’s officers entered the home on Sunday and Monday as they investigated the circumstances of his death.

Police took Mr Edwards to Mount Gambier police station, where he will remain in custody pending his appearance in Mount Gambier court on Tuesday.

He is known to have crossed the street to tell a colleague to call the police after Ms Bell died.

Superintendent Campbell Hill called the alleged killing “tragic” and confirmed the children were not home when their mother died.

“It’s devastating and shocking,” he said. “It is a tragic circumstance that will resonate and reverberate throughout the community.

“If people have information, if they know how these two people met, we invite them to contact us so that we can fill this knowledge gap.

“They knew each other, but we’re working to understand exactly what the dynamics of the relationship were.”

Friends and family of the loving young mother remembered Mrs. Bell as a devoted mother.

“Synamin was loved by all and those who were fortunate enough to know her were blessed by her generosity and loyalty,” wrote her friend Luke McGaughey.

“No matter what happened in his own life, he was never available.”

A friend said the 26-year-old was studying healthcare to look after her children.

“Losing your mother is something you never fully recover from, but losing her so young gives these beautiful children enough life to live without,” they said.

“Your mother is your first and eternal friend, you never really get over this loss.

“I am heartbroken, devastated and shocked. I was just talking to you the day you were kidnapped,” wrote another friend. Synamin Bell, I love you forever, this life and the next.”

Police are expected to stay at the Poole Street house for several days to carry out a thorough forensic investigation.