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Claudia Resendiz-Florez

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An Illinois mother of three killed a man after he and his girlfriend refused to k*ss him, authorities said.

Claudia Resendiz-Florez, 28, had just moved into Preserve Woodfield apartment complex on Rolling Meadows with James P. Jones, 29, and her girlfriend when a love triangle exploded, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

The three were drinking together Thursday night when Resendiz-Florez asked Jones for a k*ss, which he refused and k*ssed his girlfriend instead.

Resendiz-Florez also asked Jones’s girlfriend for a k*ss, which she also refused, prosecutors said in a hearing on Saturday.

Resendiz-Flores asked to k*ss her again, which she refused again, which angered her, prosecutors said, according to the Sun-Times.

She then she took the gun from Jones, hid it under a pillow in the house and pointed it at Jones. Prosecutors said Jones tried to lower the gun when he saw him release the fuse, but she was able to raise her arms and shoot him in the chest, according to the newspaper.

Jones’s friend called 911 and arrived at the place where the gun was found.

Resendiz-Florez was identified and arrested as the killer and allegedly confessed to the shooting. According to Rolling Meadows police, she was charged with murder.

A Resendiz-Florez attorney, Assistant Clerk Courtney Smallwood, argued that her client was living with her family in Des Plaines at the time, not the couple, the Sun-Times reported.

Judge John F. Lyke Jr. ordered Resendiz-Flores to be held without bail. You are due to appear in court again on Tuesday.